Easter Printables + Free Banner!

Its time to start decorating for the next holiday! Enjoy this sweet "Happy Easter" banner for FREE! Just print, cut, hole punch, and hang!
Click here to download!

And while you're putting up your new Easter banner... better start thinking about your Easter Celebration...
...and check out my Printable Easter Party for only $15 to personalize your special day!

Willy Wonka Inspired Birthday Party Printables

I do not even know where to begin with this one, guys! Take a look at the Willy Wonka inspired birthday party that my friend, Tracie, put together for her daughter! It is out of this world! And I am proud to say, nellie*design provided the party printables! So go ahead, copy this party like its your job and order the printables here!

Below is what set the stage for the party... it's like you're right there, at the actual chocolate factory! Feels like an oompa loompa to pop out!
And here's a little tour of the chocolate factory...

To personalize the table centerpieces, I designed a favor tag to put in the top of the lollipop towers.
Each place setting was beautifully put together with chíc orange, rectangular-shaped plates, vibrant colored napkins, some sugary sweets, forks and a custom napkin wrap!
The goodie "bar" was filled with tasty treats... and a hint of hygiene care! From favor boxes with custom hang tags, to blue soda with personalized bottle wraps, to a toothbrush{!} for each friend... every detail was met! The toothbrush boxes were customized with their own wrap to go around each, with a note to remind each girl to... "enjoy lots of SUGAR, but keep a clean SMILE"!
Next, the candy "bar", below, was a great place to display the invitation design and personalized sign!
Here are two fun ways to use the personalized pennant banner from the party package... for a birthday sign and a chocolate fountain sign...
and here's what started it all... the invitation! Each guest was given a small box with their very own "Piper Bar" inside! Each chocolate bar had a "golden ticket" inside, which invited them to the party! Can you imagine being a 9 year old receiving this invite... This 28 year old is giddy just thinking about it!
And here's how to DIY! Just order, print and have fun! :) First up is the invitation and thank you note printable package.

Next, is the party printables. From the banner to food label tags, this has everything you need to create the perfect Chocolate Factory birthday party!

Fridays with Fin :: New Cousin!

We welcomed Finley's new baby cousin, Porter, into the world on Tuesday! Finley got to visit him in the hospital and play with his other cousin, Landon {Porter's big bro} while we were there!
High fives and "knuckles" were going all around!
Is it bad that I'm taking this opportunity to promote a new product to my shop? {I've already warned my family & friends that I have dibs on births, weddings & parties to use as "portfolio pieces", so they are down with it!} Below is what our family gave to Porter as a welcome gift!

First up is stationery with matching return address labels...
Next up: matching "month-to-month onesie stickers". I can't wait to get monthly photos of little Porter sportin' these preppy alligator stickers!
...and so I decided to list it as a gift set to order the personalized stationery and baby month-to-month onesie stickers together in my etsy shop! {more designs coming soon!}
I also took a stab at this felt letter frame. I stole the idea from my friend Heather, who created one for Finley when he was born! I think this girl {me} needs to stick to the computer, 'cause hand stitching just ain't for me! Uh hum, as evident in the horribly crooked stitch lines! Yikes!
And just for some extra fun... here's a peek into Porter's nursery! A couple weekends ago I headed over to help my Sis-in-Law paint stripes on the nursery walls. Well, lets just say that hormones got the best of US {yeah, my hormones are like that of a 9 month pregnant woman on a regular day!} and we could NOT make a decision for the life of us! After HOURS spent together, I ended up leaving her with one solid white stripe! :( But, she ended up whipping it into shape and here's how it ended up!
How fun are the starfish on the wall!? Love the room guys! You little Porter will feel so special and comforted by his beautiful surroundings! 

Picadilly Circus Designs

I won, I won! I won a gift certificate for the amazing shop Picadilly Circus Designs! The blog, Kara's Party Ideas, was hosting the giveaway and all I had to do was enter it by commenting which was my favorite design, tweeting and facebooking about the giveaway! I was randomly selected as the winner! I could NOT have been more excited! I've got one cute kid to jazz up with WAY too many awesome selections to choose from! Here are some of my favorites... You'll just have to wait until they arrive to see which ones I decided on... Maybe we'll have a Fridays with Fin Fashion Show! ;)

m.o.m. identity branding

I had the opportunity to create the branding for the "mom group" I'm in at Spring Creek Church. We wanted to have a theme to tie everything together and thought that birds would be perfect!  The bird theme went great for giving the maternal feel with the "mama bird" and "baby bird", decorating tables {think pink linens, burlap runners & nests for centerpieces!}, as well as feeling "trendy" to lure in all the young mom's {as well as the more mature ones!} Below is the logo I came up with...

Then, we needed to promote the new program throughout the church and community. I created promo cards and business cards...

and letterhead...
This was such a fun branding project to work on. We've been able to use the logo on canvas bags for each mom {and we did a really cool craft project on those bags that I might need to blog about!}, as well as favor tags for gifts, and other promotional material. 

Looking to have your small business or group branded? Check out more information here!

Thursday with Fin :: Clothesline Gift

We are celebrating St. Patty's day in style! Check my little irish soccer player out!
And all day while he's been wearing this outfit, I remembered the oh-so-unique, super fun way I received it from my friends at my baby shower! And of course, I thought to myself... this is such a blog-worthy idea! {'cause now, you know, that's how I think!} Take a peek...
If you're looking for a way to spice up a baby shower, this is the way to do it! Now I, of course, the sweatiest-future-mama-ever, didn't enjoy getting up to put this on display at the time, but the IDEA was amazing! I was given a darling basket, wrapped in tissue and inside was filled with what I thought was just a stash of baby clothes... well, out came a very long rope with clothes and gift cards and accessories pinned to it! It was so fun and a great way to break up all that {immensly boring for everyone else in the room} gift opening!
 Yep, that's how we roll people. That is Fin's favorite spot in the house! On top of the kitchen table ... taunting the dog!

Have a great weekend everyone! Sorry for changing "Friday's with Fin" to Thursday! I'm not posting tomorrow because I want to be a part of this movement...

Nautical Wedding Accessories

Check out these cute ideas for a nautical wedding... {uh hum, they happen to be from my wedding!} Paper boats for place cards, swedish fish candies in a galvanized pail for a favor, and navy & white wooden letters for decorations...

In demand... Moving Announcements

On the day of my debut blog post, two people contacted me immediately requesting I design something for them! Now that's my kind of debut! ;) And oddly enough, both requesting I design them the same thing... moving announcements. So, if the people are a-movin', then this designer is a-creatin'! Your wish is my command!

First up was for Cyndi! A sweet southern girl moving to the mid-west! {uh hum, mid-west is best!} She was inspired by the bike valentine printables I was offering and said she was thinking of a mailbox for a motif... We played around with a couple ideas and font choices and landed on this. A fun, simple expression of a chíc, adorable client! {I created some matching address labels too!}
Next up, Chris... Her and her husband moved out to "lake country", so wanted a nautical theme to reflect their new surroundings! I'm all about nautical, so this was an easy fun one! ;) Check it out here!

I was having so much fun creating the above moving announcements that I made a few more designs ... and added them to my shop!

anchor moving announcement
zig zag moving announcement
 on the move :: moving announcement 

Contact me if you're interested in having nellie*design create your moving announcement. I can come up with something from scratch especially for you, or order one of the above designs from my shop!

Friday's with Fin :: Paper Portrait

I saw this idea and knew I wanted to do it! Now that I look back at the sample though, I think adding some of Fin's body to the silhouette might have been beneficial to avoid the floating head vibe, but none the less, it's pretty cute!
If any of y'all out there aren't the greatest with all that fancy photo-printing/cutting/tracing part of the directions from the Family Fun site, contact me and I will make a digital tracing of the photo you provide! You'll get a PDF to print the tracing right onto the pattern paper of your choice! Easy peasy. Just contact me for more details!

Company Branding :: 29 Lincoln Avenue

It's all about "connections" in this business and that is exactly how I had the opportunity to work with Stacey Thacker of 29 Lincoln Avenue. I met Stacey through my friend Tracie when creating a logo for their blog that they write together {with two other amazing "mothers-of-daughters"}, called Mod Squad... still following!? Stacey writes a beautiful and inspiring blog committed to spreading the word of God and I felt honored to be a part of her mission by contributing my gift of design.

We worked through a couple of rounds of proofs and revisions until Stacey was happy with the final logo. After that, the other pieces, such as business card and "buttons" for her blog just fell into place. Take a peek at the work I created for 29 Lincoln Avenue. And be sure to stop over at her blog to be inspired!

And speaking of "connections"... after working with Stacey on the above design projects, she ended up recommending me to both her daughter and husband for some of their design needs! I'll write more about her hubby's projects soon, but first wanted to show off the logo I created for Stacey's daughter...
She is an amazing, 11-year-old girl, with a passion to tell kids they can live for Jesus and be used by Him both now and in the future. She intends on having a store to sell handmade stationery and using a portion of the profits for missions, but for now is planning on starting her own blog! I can't wait to hear what this strong, little thing has to say! Speaking of which... she is giving her testimony of faith at her school to the 7th & 8th grades {she is in 5th} ... Sounds like a girl well beyond her years!

If you're interested in having nellie*design create identity branding for your company, take a peek at my pricing and contact me to get started!

Pleated Package with a Paper Bow

I wrapped this gift for a bridal shower I attended this Saturday. I'm telling you, if you put pleats on your package, it is SURE to be passed around the room! ;) Women love this stuff, and that was just the case this weekend!

And if you ever have that dreaded moment when you don't have a single thread of CUTE ribbon in sight, have no fear, grab a sheet/roll of gift wrap and make your own paper ribbon & bow! Here's a little step by step action for you all...

1. Wrap you gift with pleats... I wrote directions for how to wrap the pleated gift when I use to work here, so check it out
2. Cut a 3" wide {roughly} strip of gift wrap. Make sure the length is enough to wrap around the entire gift with a little extra to overlap.
3. Fold both edges of the strip down 1/2" to make a clean, crisp edge. Tape fold down.
4. Create your "bow" pieces: First, make two loops with 2" wide strips of gift wrap. I made my loops varied lengths, and eyeballed how large I wanted them to be. Second, create a third strip 1.5" wide by 4" long. Place the two first loops on top of each other and wrap a third strip around both loops, adhering to the back with tape.
5. Wrap the first strip around the entire package and tape to adhere at the top of the package. Then, using double sided tape, adhere the bachelor bow to the top of that strip.

Friday's with Fin :: Grandpa Joe's Artwork

Fin's grandpa, my dad, is an artist. He was a freelance illustrator for most of his professional career and illustrated for many Christian publications, including this bible. I really wanted something special and meaningful for Fin's nursery, so framed two of the original drawings from that bible series...
I know, I know, maybe the David & Goliath scene is a little scary looking for a nursery, but just think of the lesson from it! ;) I warned you that "friday's with fin" might get a little more personal! ;P

Will there be another artist in the family??
Thanks dad, for creating an amazing legacy for little Finley!

I love you Blogs and ...

...diet coke and coffee and mochas and tea and...! As I am diving deeper into the blog world, I realize how the love and passion for it needs to be expressed! So, I’ve designed a couple of prints in hopes to specifically touch one of my caffeine-loving, blog-crazed readers out there!

The cost for a digital file of one of these prints is $10. Check them out here... Don't see a print with your second love? I can edit the last line to be "blogs and..." anything else you love ... wine, bubbles, boys, baking... just convo me at checkout!