m.o.m. identity branding

I had the opportunity to create the branding for the "mom group" I'm in at Spring Creek Church. We wanted to have a theme to tie everything together and thought that birds would be perfect!  The bird theme went great for giving the maternal feel with the "mama bird" and "baby bird", decorating tables {think pink linens, burlap runners & nests for centerpieces!}, as well as feeling "trendy" to lure in all the young mom's {as well as the more mature ones!} Below is the logo I came up with...

Then, we needed to promote the new program throughout the church and community. I created promo cards and business cards...

and letterhead...
This was such a fun branding project to work on. We've been able to use the logo on canvas bags for each mom {and we did a really cool craft project on those bags that I might need to blog about!}, as well as favor tags for gifts, and other promotional material. 

Looking to have your small business or group branded? Check out more information here!


  1. Lisa Mahnke21 March, 2011

    You are one talented "Chick-ee"!

  2. Super cute! :)