My centerpiece found ME!

Remember when I was boasting about my amazing new dining table and mentioned that all I could think about was how to spruce up the top of it? Well, in the past week, two gorgeous pieces randomly found their way to me! 
First, I received this beautiful pottery barn vase from my SIL for helping with her wedding paper designs. Thank you Emily & Aaron... can't wait for the wedding this weekend and to share some of those designs with all of y'all soon! And then, kind of an interesting story about how I received the burlap runner... I got an order for a custom label to match my camping party invites and the name of the customer sounded familiar. So, being the nosy gal I am, I clicked on her etsy profile and linked to her shop on etsy! And what do you know, I happened to already have one of her burlap runners starred as one of my "favorites"! So, I mentioned to her how much I loved her runners and we decided to do a trade! I design her labels and she send me a runner... Deal!

I love it... so simple, love the texture, not too flashy... perfect! Check out Rayna Lane to spruce up your own table tops! :)

Ok Monday...

8x10 print by pixel cloud
I know a lot of people think Mondays aren't hard on SAH Mamas the way they are on business peeps, but man, am I feelin' a case of the Mondays right now! But, I'm ready to attack this week, and this print says it like I'm thinking it! :) I think I need it hanging in my bathroom.

Fridays with Fin :: First Haircut Freakout

My little man was sick for most of the week, so its kind of been rough, to say the least. BUT, the good thing was, our non-snuggling kid was all over us all week and we didn't pass up a second to steal some snuggle time with him...
Sorry about the bad quality of the photo, I snapped it with my phone! These moments are rare these days with an always-on-the-go-toddler, so I had to snap the moment right there and then! My sick Fin, a dad soaking up every second {and yes, fake sleeping in the top pic} and our puppy snoozing in the background! Love it!

So because Fin was in rough shape this week, I didn't have much to post about for today's "Fridays with Fin"! And then I remembered... I have some pretty awesome photos from his first haircut that I never posted! It was a couple weeks ago, but still priceless! Enjoy...
Double fisted with a sucker and oreo and still not happy. All I can say is whoa. {go ahead and say it with me... Whoa Nellie!}
Have a great weekend!

I Heart Linda & Harriett

I just had a birthday. I'm currently in my last year of my twenties! Yikes. But anyway, that's not the point of this post! I received a gift for said birthday from a friend who happened to hit the nail on the head with this gift for two reasons... 1. I love anchors and 2. I love the designer who created these note pads {and my b-day gift} below!
Yummy, hey?! Let's just say when I opened the box with this simple, clean, crisp, nautical notepad inside I was beaming! Who knew a little white notepad could do that, hey? Well, see, I follow Linda & Harriett's blog and have admired Liz, designer and owner of L&H, for quite some time! {She doesn't know me, but I know her ... kind of creepy deal... I even met her at the New York Stationery Show a couple times and got all nerdy and jittery around her!} So anyway, getting this notepad, felt like it was coming from someone "famous"! Ya know? So, thanks H, for feeding into two of my favorite things... anchors and Linda & Harriett!

You can get your own notepad here... and take a peek at her other charming nautical designs!

Little Lamb Baby Gift Set

Looking for a gender neutral gift set for your new baby or a friend's new arrival? Check out my darling new "little lamb" stationery & onesie stickers that I've added to my shop.
The khaki stripes with chocolate-colored details make it a perfect gift for someone who doesn't know the sex of the baby, or even for that mom that just doesn't like pink or blue!
I have this listed as a gift set, but can break up the set so you can order just the stationery with matching address labels. Just contact me to create a private listing to order from!
And, I have the onesie stickers listed individually, here!

Fridays with Fin :: Faux Smile & Closet

So, I'm working on a little project the other day... a completely "nellie-esque" no-sew, ghetto project that I'll touch upon later ... but as I'm working, I discovered Finley's fake smile!
Normal Finny on the left... but say the magic word "smile" and this is what results, on the right! I want to squeeze him and pinch him and nibble on him! Now all I do is say smile all the time so I can get that face!

And now, here's my little project, that Finley so wonderfully helped me out with... Let me start by saying, I live in an old house that has very limited closet space. My husband and I share a 2'x4' closet. We're bursting at the seams here. So, being the amazingly domestic woman that I am {bahaha} I busted out the "stitch witchery", the iron, scissors and some cute material!
And here's what this domestic diva ended up with...
A faux closet! We're loving the extra space and especially loving that we're sticking to our truly classy selves! ;P

Customer Approved! Noah's Camping Party

I LOVE getting photos from my customer's showing off their successful parties, using my printables! Noah's mom ordered my camping party invites and some party printables to make his 8th birthday a very special day! In fact, his mom is still getting comments about how much fun the boys had at {for most of} their first sleepovers! Here's some of the fun details...
I love how the personalized pennant banner turned out, hung on two wooden poles! The invite, framed and displayed on the buffet table, helps carry the theme through out. And how cute is that little camper!
Isn't Noah's Camp Run-A-Muk shirt perfect! And how fun is the idea of kayaking in the pool! Perfect for an urban camping party!
A bowl of "Happy Camper Crunch" favors and these adorable cupcakes made for a perfect sweets table!
Noah's mama decided to have nellie*design print her order! Remember, you can order just the digital files to print on your own OR have ME print for you... takes a LOT of the stress of all you busy moms out there! Now, you can order the "boy" version of the burlap-design camping printable party pieces!

Lined-paper Stationery Set

Well, I'm pretty sure I'm a day late and a dollar short for promoting this in time for a great teacher-gift, which it totally would be, but I wanted to show something new in my shop anyway! Check out my new lined-paper stationery set...
You get 12 personalized A2 flat notes, with 12 blank A2 kraft envelopes and 12 personalized 2.5" round address labels! Check it out here...

Fridays with Fin :: I "get it" mom...

I've heard the words from this book almost my whole life. "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be." It's from one of my mom's favorite books {and now one of mine}... I'm sure most of the world is familiar! ... {did some of you already choke up just reading the quote!?} ;P
Love You Forever

Well, now that I have a little guy of my own, I "get it"! My mom always told me I would discover a love I never knew existed. She was right {as she usually is!}. As hard as it can be and as crazy as my life has now become, I love that stinkin' kid so much!

I tried to snap a photo of Finny sleeping for you to go with a little story I'm about to share, but it didn't quite work out. First, because the clicks of the camera woke him up during one of his naps {awesome} and second, because the photos from the nighttime looked really creepy! So, no pics for you. Just a story about how author, Robert Maunch, nailed it on the head with his book...

My hubby and I, after brushing our teeth and getting ready for bed, grab our iPhones and sneak into Fin's room together, like stealth-mode-ninjas, every single night. And, I have a feeling we're not the only ones who do this, I mean an entire book was written about this! We go in, with our glowing phones, shine them in his face and just well up with overflowing joy! Sometimes we poke at him, or  just look at each other and give a "can't believe he's ours" look, but most of the time our little bundle of joy starts thrashing around, giving some grunts and groans, as the hubs and I run out of the room as fast as we can! ha! Just thinking of it gives me the butterflies in my tummy. 

So, I "get it"! Any of y'all as coo-coo as my hubby and me? Happy Weekend!

Free! Printable Father's Day Tickets

Father's day is coming up and all dad really wants is a couple free slobbery kisses by the kiddos and maybe a free back scratch from you. So, ditch the idea of getting him a new tie or gift certificate for the garden store and make him this adorable and FREE ticket book!
CLICK HERE to download your complimentary Ticket designs and CLICK HERE for the Ticket Book Cover! You can put the tickets loosly in an envelope or make a small booklet, like I did, shown above! To make the booklet, cut down {red} cardstock to 4.25x11, placed the tickets on top, and folded the cardstock over! Then, secure closed with two hole punches and some ribbon!
Have fun with this simple, modern craft to make dad feel like king for the day!

P.S... You may notice in the photos of the sample booklet, a couple pics above, that there is a ridiculous spelling error {vArify} and even a made up word {um, authentification?}... Don't worry, I revised the printable versions for you! I'm a designer and I'm blonde. 'nuff said.

Customer Approved! Seersucker Stationery

Check out these two adorable variations of this listing from my etsy shop! Have fun customizing this fun, preppy stationery for a friend, a co-worker, a teacher gift... or, um, yourself!
Sailboat seersucker stationery set. Say that 3 times fast! ;) How great are these perfectly nautical light-blue lined cards and labels with the pop of red added!
Pink & Green. Such a yummy, preppy, girly-girl combo! Hmmm, doubt that this was for theee Sue Sylvester, right... not her style! No, this Susan Sylvester's got WAY better taste! ;)

This is such a fun listing to customize! So, get your preppy on and order up! :)

Fridays with Fin :: Heat Wave!

We've had a lot of fun since last Friday and spent a lot of time outdoors again... yay!
Finley did NOT like the sprinkler... but he DID enjoy a mud bath...
We went to the zoo with friends... {Don't you love Fin's "Blossom-ized" hat!}
And Finley was in awe of the flamingos...
And mommy was in awe of how a visit to the zoo resulted in one of the longest naps in history! I might be going there all the time! 

Happy weekend y'all!