Fridays with Fin :: First Haircut Freakout

My little man was sick for most of the week, so its kind of been rough, to say the least. BUT, the good thing was, our non-snuggling kid was all over us all week and we didn't pass up a second to steal some snuggle time with him...
Sorry about the bad quality of the photo, I snapped it with my phone! These moments are rare these days with an always-on-the-go-toddler, so I had to snap the moment right there and then! My sick Fin, a dad soaking up every second {and yes, fake sleeping in the top pic} and our puppy snoozing in the background! Love it!

So because Fin was in rough shape this week, I didn't have much to post about for today's "Fridays with Fin"! And then I remembered... I have some pretty awesome photos from his first haircut that I never posted! It was a couple weeks ago, but still priceless! Enjoy...
Double fisted with a sucker and oreo and still not happy. All I can say is whoa. {go ahead and say it with me... Whoa Nellie!}
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Awh poor Fin-wey!!!! Love the pout face with the sucker! And poor sickie boy too...sick and rainy, what a week!!! Hope he is feeling better soon!