Custom Monogram Baby Onesie Stickers

I had a customer order my seersucker onesie stickers and request to omit the custom motif, and in replace, put her baby's monogram! I LOVED the idea and thought it would be a great addition to my shop! So, I added a listing just for monogrammed onesie stickers...
Aren't these so cute and personal! They are available in two seersucker colors... blue or pink. Enjoy customizing your own monogrammed onesie stickers!

Fridays with Fin :: Fin's Girls

I swear, when Fin was born, every single one of my friends had a GIRL around the same time! And it was kind of not fair, since I've had my "daughter's" name picked out since I was 17! :0 But anyway, I'm so happy with my boy and wanted to show off some of his girlfriends... And for all you name fans {like me} here's a list of all of their names in no particular order... Harper, Olivia, Ayah, Elli, Lily, Lucy, Georgia, and Iris! {Pretty great names, hey?} He's surrounded! {I won't mention who's who in the pics below, 'cause you never know if there are any creepsters out there!}

Happy Friday Everyone!

Fridays with Fin :: Permanent Marker "Fun"

Oh boy. I kinda thought I was gonna get away with leaving last week's Fridays with Fin up all week and into today and not put a new post up! Haha. But alas, Finley always gives me something to post about!
Yep, that's permanent marker. Oh yes, Fin has upgraded. I've learned, as a mom, to NEVER bask in the silence with a toddler around, because it is NEVER a good thing. It may feel like a good thing in the moment, when there is no ruckus and you're finally able to write that email you've put off, but just know that when there is silence for a long period of time, it is because your toddler {well, if you have one like mine} is up to no good! Yeah.

So again, let me sound winey and excusey and apologize for the lack in posts! I'm trying to soak up the last few warm weeks of summer with that sassy toddler above as much as possible and the bloggy blog isn't necessarily high on the priority list! Wait, I'm probably not suppose to say that ON the blog. :)

Have a great weekend {and if you're reading this next Wednesday... have a great week!} ;P

Fridays with Fin :: Animal Week

Fin got his fair share of animals this week... On Saturday, we hit up the Milwaukee County Zoo with some of our family! Here is Fin and me with Aunt Lora and cousin Landon on the carousel ride... Fin didn't want to go anywhere near the animals that moved up and down, so we enjoyed going around and around... and around on the bench!
Fin thought it was pretty cool to get up close and personal with the peacocks... so we went on a little peacock hunt... {and daddy was getting craft with his "photog skillz"...
And its always cute to include pics of babies {remember meeting Porter!?}... especially when they do what they do best, right at the zoo... Uncle Johnnie isn't amuzed...
Then, later this week, we hit up the Wisconsin State Fair for some good ol' fashioned fun! Fried food, pig races, mullet watching and more! We forgot our camera, but snapped a few from our phone of Fin enjoying the barn animals...
Have a great weekend, y'all!

Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays...

I know, I have no excuse, I'm just a "stay at home mom", but...
Cross Stitch Pattern available here
"flair" badge available here

Mondays Onesie available here

I'm sure Tuesday will creep up on me just as fast as this Monday did, so don't hold your breath for anything exciting tomorrow! ;) I've got a lot of great posts ... in my head! ;P {Thanks for staying with me anyway!}

Fridays with Fin :: Ring Bearer Success!

Our precious, high-energy, unpredictable, little boy was asked to be a ring bearer in my sis-in-law's wedding in the beginning of July! It wasn't until during the rehearsal that the fear that this kid might not really make it down the aisle set it! Let's just say that Fin and his cousin {the other ring bearer} had NO idea their job was to actually walk down the {longest} aisle {in the history of weddings}! So, mama's got their thinking caps on and decided to send the boys down with an usher on the BIG day! It was pure success...
Yes, even when cousin Landon turned around and had the slightest thought of going the other way, was a.dor.a.ble! Where are the ring pillows you ask? I think the bride & groom didn't want to give that big of responsibility to these two... haha, just kidding. The groom's mom has some crafty friends who made these custom signs for the boys to hold instead...
What a fun, unique and creative way to spice up the ring bearers "job"! And, lastly, I just had to include some cute pics of Finny bustin' a move on the dance floor at the reception!
Have a great weekend everyone!