Fridays with Fin :: Permanent Marker "Fun"

Oh boy. I kinda thought I was gonna get away with leaving last week's Fridays with Fin up all week and into today and not put a new post up! Haha. But alas, Finley always gives me something to post about!
Yep, that's permanent marker. Oh yes, Fin has upgraded. I've learned, as a mom, to NEVER bask in the silence with a toddler around, because it is NEVER a good thing. It may feel like a good thing in the moment, when there is no ruckus and you're finally able to write that email you've put off, but just know that when there is silence for a long period of time, it is because your toddler {well, if you have one like mine} is up to no good! Yeah.

So again, let me sound winey and excusey and apologize for the lack in posts! I'm trying to soak up the last few warm weeks of summer with that sassy toddler above as much as possible and the bloggy blog isn't necessarily high on the priority list! Wait, I'm probably not suppose to say that ON the blog. :)

Have a great weekend {and if you're reading this next Wednesday... have a great week!} ;P

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  1. Oh no!!!!!! Although I'm hoping that despite the fact you can't take family photos anytime soon, that the damage was contained to his shirt and body. Really hoping he didn't also take out your carpet! :-(