"Treasured" Camping Parties!

All things Camping is H.O.T. Hot right now! Especially for this holiday weekend! My Camping Party invites were featured in three separate amazing treasuries on Etsy yesterday!

Cindy, from Moon Beans Gifts, created this fun treasury, which features items like an adorable felt hamburger grill set, s'more pinata, and even beef jerky!
The shop owner of Pretty Whimsical created this "summer camp" themed Treasury. I LOVE the "Happy Camper" Hand Printed T-shirt and I heart Camping Button!

And finally, check out this great "summer camp" themed Treasury, curated by Rosebuds Originals. I am loving all the aqua colored items grouped in this treasury. The Vintage Camping Cookware and Vintage White Lantern just makes me smell the campfire and think camping all the way!

I hope you're all enjoying your holiday weekend and smelling the bonfire! Create an adorably rustic-chic camping party of your own using my camping invites and party printables! Check out the other Treasuries that my camping invite has been featured in for other great ideas!

Fridays with Fin :: Relax

Its been a better week than last. Not amazing, but better. :) Fin is still a hot mess most of the time {this poor kid of mine is what I would classify as "spirited", so he blesses me with the daily challenge of learning how to be a better mama for HIM especially during this new season of sharing my attention/affection!}

Redirection is the key to success with my Finny. Like, when I decided to pull out our Superman capes when I saw a meltdown approaching. It turned our whole day around!
Fin calls superman, "woostermon", so now we call Fender "wooster puppy"! :)
 Even mommy joined in on the fun...
We decided to bring the "coo coos" {that's choo choos} outside for a change up! Look at that stud...
We hit up the zoo, and what started as Finny being mama's big helper...

...turned into Fin reverting to baby and needing to sit in the stroller the whole time! Who needs a double stroller, right? ;P
One major success from last week to this is Fin's friendship with the {literal} girl next door! Last week they were a lethal combination. This week, girl-next-door's mommy and I looked at each other a number of times surprised by their nice behavior towards one another! Its the little things like being able to sit next to each other and eat cheese.
And finally, we brought the hammock out for the summer! Yay!
Have a great Holiday weekend! Oh wait! Before I go... I leave you with Navy... The Lord certainly knew I had my hands full with Mr. Finley Jack so has been making it easy on me with her ;)


Fridays with Fin :: Keepin' it Real

I am not gonna lie. This has been one heck of a week. Fin has been the sassiest he's ever been {I'm talking looking a kid dead in the eyes as he chucks dirt in his face and smiling with joy}. I'm crabby in all sorts of ways {me + little sleep = cranks}. My hubby is stressed to the max. We keep saying there is a fine line between love and hate goin' on in our family right now! ;P

But then... we get faces like these...

and all is right in the world again. Happy 7 weeks Navy Rose! :)

I'm baaaack!

Alright, alright... Yawn, STRETTTTCH. I'm back, I'm back! ;P Nellie*Design's ETSY SHOP is back in biz...

My time home with Navy & Fin, while having my shop closed for my maternity leave, has been amazing! There is a part of me that wants to close the doors forever {dare I tell you that!?} and just snug on these babies for the rest of time without a thought or care in the world, but I DO have a passion for this little business of mine and truly can't imagine NOT doing it on the side! I'm excited to work with more amazing customers, like the ones I've had the pleasure of meeting so far. I look forward to creating new designs and fun parties. So! Come one, come all {well, don't bombard me, I'm still feeding a baby in the wee hours of the night and a bit tired yet!} and have fun browsing my shop! 

I'm in the process of updating a lot of my existing items, so keep checking back for more items to pop up in my shop!

Fridays with Fin :: 6 weeks in!

{beware... lots of photos!} Well! We've survived 6 whole weeks as a family of four! I can't believe how fast it is going. This moment came and went without us even knowing it... {we took Navy's one month photo two days late!... second child syndrome!}
How cute is that girl!? And how cute are those onesie stickers? ;P My shop's opening up soon and then you can have them for your own cutie!
Fin has been SUCH a great big bro these past 6 weeks. He loves tummy time with Navy {yes, there is a trend in these two photos from separate times... Fin hangs without his pants on a LOT}!
Fin takes part in feeding Navy by "nursing" his own bear...
Fin likes to play games, like, let's pretend Navy is sitting on my head or how many toys can I cram on Navy or Let's squeeze Navy's leg when mom's not looking ...
We hit up our favorite place, the children's museum, again this past week! They got a new exibit and it was a BIG hit with Fin {Navy slept through the whole experience}! I couldn't get him Fin of that row boat...
Daddy joined in on the fun this week... snuggin' on his two kiddos, rockin' the bjorn with Navy and mowing the lawn with Fin!
Here's "the kids" {still getting use to that phrase!} hanging with their friends {yes, Navy already has a bestie and yes, that is Fin without pants again!}
Mostly, we've been having a lot of fun with mommy's new iPhone taking goofy pics!
Sorry about the photo dump, y'all. I'm just enjoying my time SO much with my two babies that I can't help but think every single moment is worth capturing, and boring you with! ;) Happy Friday!! Have a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


Customer Approved :: Wonka Party

I recently received some great photos from two different customer's Willy Wonka themed Birthday Parties, using my printable designs! I LOVE getting pics back from my customer's showing how unique each party can look using the same printables!

The first customer requested that I change the colors of the original party to purple and chocolate, so it would work for her son's birthday. Below shows off how great the purple/chocolate color combo looks on the invite's candy bar wrap, with golden ticket insert. And check out that cutie pie below... That's the birthday boy wearing a sweet pair of Wonka Glasses he made during a birthday craft. Great idea hostess-mama!
Guests must have loved walking down this lollipop lane to a party filled with purple and chocolate colored decorations everywhere!
You can't have a Willy Wonka party without SWEETS! Check out these perfectly themed cupcakes with names like Violet Beauregard's Bubblegum Cupcakes. I love when a theme gets carried into so many fun details!
Take a look at the hostess with the mostess/snow cone operator/birthday boy's mama below! I bet she's considered the coolest mom ever rockin' that snowcone machine!
And here's a few pics from another customer's Willy Wonka Party! Back to the original colors of fushia and orange, this party looks like a whimsical dream!
Well! All this talk about my Willy Wonka Printables, with no place to buy them! Have no fear! I'm returning from my Maternity Leave NEXT WEEK! I will re-open my Etsy Shop on Monday, May 14th.

I have had an AMAZING time off with our newest addition, Navy. But, the time has come for me to get back into the groove of life as a stay-at-home mama/working girl! ;)