Fridays with Fin :: Relax

Its been a better week than last. Not amazing, but better. :) Fin is still a hot mess most of the time {this poor kid of mine is what I would classify as "spirited", so he blesses me with the daily challenge of learning how to be a better mama for HIM especially during this new season of sharing my attention/affection!}

Redirection is the key to success with my Finny. Like, when I decided to pull out our Superman capes when I saw a meltdown approaching. It turned our whole day around!
Fin calls superman, "woostermon", so now we call Fender "wooster puppy"! :)
 Even mommy joined in on the fun...
We decided to bring the "coo coos" {that's choo choos} outside for a change up! Look at that stud...
We hit up the zoo, and what started as Finny being mama's big helper...

...turned into Fin reverting to baby and needing to sit in the stroller the whole time! Who needs a double stroller, right? ;P
One major success from last week to this is Fin's friendship with the {literal} girl next door! Last week they were a lethal combination. This week, girl-next-door's mommy and I looked at each other a number of times surprised by their nice behavior towards one another! Its the little things like being able to sit next to each other and eat cheese.
And finally, we brought the hammock out for the summer! Yay!
Have a great Holiday weekend! Oh wait! Before I go... I leave you with Navy... The Lord certainly knew I had my hands full with Mr. Finley Jack so has been making it easy on me with her ;)


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  1. Love all the pics. Especially Woostermon. I showed Neil them and he loves them. Navy is still so precious. Cant wait to see you all again