New Digs! Lined-paper moving announcement

Aren't these fun! They're new moving announcement, added to my shop today! Shake up the boring moving announcement with fun "New Digs" lingo and a nostalgic lined-paper background!
This customer paired her announcement with an A7 red envelope, matching perfectly to the announcement and making the address labels POP!

Order the digital file of the announcement here and the printed labels here...

Friday with Fin :: Grandpa Joe's Art (round 2)

As I mentioned before, my dad is an artist... and I'm gonna use today's "Fridays with Fin" to plug his most recent art! Hey, there is a pic of Finny in his diaper in one of the pics below, so technically the star of these posts still made an appearance!?
My dad has been a professional artist his entire career. He was an illustrator for most of those years, until recently, when he was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.
I can not tell you how proud I am to say that this disease has NOT taken an ounce of creativity from him! He is one of those people you hear about {like a pro surfer losing an arm and getting back on the board or a pro baseball player losing his pitching arm and becoming a motivational speaker} who hasn't let the adversities of his diagnosis strip him of his gifts... he's just shifted his focus.
He now does large scale oil paintings! Pretty awesome, hey? Having difficulty with the smaller, finer details that illustrating required, he ditched the airbrush and grabbed the oils and some canvas. Don't the above paintings still have such an illustrated feel! I may be biased, but I think they're pretty rad! 
And, most recently, he's created these vibrant, abstract forest pieces. They make quite the statement on the wall! And I just shake my head in amazement when I look at his new body of work, thinking of him dealing with the new challenges that his body is giving him, and still being able to produce such amazing works of art!

Check out his Etsy Site! His publicist, photographer and shop runner {uh hum, me} apologize for the horrible photos of these beautiful pieces of art! We are a work in progress and I mostly just wanted to use this platform as a place brag about my dad. ;)

If you "pin" it ... it will come!

First, like many of you out there, I am lovin' on pinterest! I don't love it as much as some of you, who have like 6.8 million pins, but I like it! ;) And second, as most of you know by now, I like nautical things. Well, I swear I didn't use pinterest as my own personal gift registry, but I "pinned" something ... and like a day later ... got it as a gift! How cool is that, and how cute is this print...
hmmmm, pinterest as my own personal gift registry... I like the sound of that! ;P

Fridays with Fin :: Gettin' Lazy

Another lazy Fridays with Fin Post... sheesh, we just don't have that many cool things going on lately! ;P This week was cold and crummy and we were inside most of the week {that's Wisconsin for you, as last week we were outside all week!} So, I'll leave you for the weekend with some good old fashioned in-door fort action! We've kept it up all week and I think it could be permanent decor in the house! And, I think Fender and I have hung out in the fort the most! ;)
Happy Weekend y'all!

Cookies for Kids' Cancer Bake Sale & Silent Auction

Saturday, May 21, 2011
1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Best Place At The Historic Pabst Brewery
901 W. Juneau Avenue
#MKEfoodies will be holding a bake sale and silent auction to raise money for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. The sale will feature items made by local food bloggers, bakers, and celebrity chefs, with silent auction baskets featuring items donated by local area businesses...

You're looking at one of the area local businesses! One of the master minds behind this event,  and a friend of mine, Rachel, came to me asking me to either bake some cookies or provide a fancy print & stationery. Well, I'm much better behind the computer than I am in the kitchen, so it was no question which I was going to do! I feel honored to be able to contribute to such a wonderful event and will be praying for a HUGE outcome for these kids!

Here's what I came up with for a lucky bidder...
A 5x7 Print & A2 Thank you note set {12 notes & 12 kraft envelopes}
I'm so bummed that I won't be able to be at the actual even on Saturday, so I'm hoping that YOU CAN! Bring your sweet tooth and a heart for helping all the amazing children with pediatric cancer who deserve HOPE!
Cookies for Kids’ Cancer:

Customer Approved! Camping Party Printables...

I had the pleasure of "meeting" {via etsy convo and emails!} Gina, of Gina Lee Photography. She came to me after finding my camping party invites on my etsy site and I showed her a new twist I was working on, having a burlap background, and she said go with it! After the invites, came some other fun party printables! Take a peek at the amazing party Gina created for her daughter using my party printables!
LOVE the burlap carried through on the tables and the different patterned material everywhere! Very rustic-chíc! And, how awesome is that cake! Matches perfectly to these darling favors, below...
Gina told me about these canteens she was giving each girl and said she wanted a label for them to spruce them up a bit! She gave me the dimensions and here's what we came up with! I think these were a big hit amongst the girls!
Every camper needs water, and with the help of these stylish water bottle labels, the girls were able to hydrate in style!
There were plenty of snacks and goodies to go around, as well as these adorable "Happy Trail Mix" and "S'mores for Later" favor bags!
There is something so special about a cloth tent! I wish I was 8 all over again and attending Miss Madeleine's party so I could snuggle right under that quaint, nostalgic tent! ;P Perfect touch, Gina!

You can see more from this party at Gina's blog, here! Thank you Gina for sending me pics of the amazing party you had for your daughter! It is so special and I am proud to have had a hand in it!

I was so inspired by this party, that I decided to create a printable party package for the theme! Now you can create your own burlap camping party! Just order here...

Fridays with Fin :: Cabin Fever

I’ll be honest, this Friday crept up on me and I’m sorta pulling this post out of my you-know-what! The reason being, Finny and I have been enjoying the outdoors and have NOT wanted to sit inside on the computer! Spring has finally sprung here in Wisconsin, so our pale, chubbier selves {well, me anyway!} have broken out of the house and enjoyed smelling the flowers! And picking them.

Heres my BIG BOY rockin’ on his teeter totter!
Fin’s favorite thing is to find airplanes after he hears them… Here’s the process in action:
So, we had a fence put into our backyard and I cannot believe the FREEDOM a fence has given our family! Who knew containment could do that! Can you see the fence peeking in the background? Don’t mind the pee-stained yard… remember, winter’s are hard on us! ;) And P.S… to all my family… doesn’t Fin look like Grandpa John in his shorts and crocs!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Free Printable Graduation Greeting Card!

Give the grad in your life a simple & classic greeting card ... and it's yours for FREE!
Just download here, print, cut and fold!

Seersucker & Nautical Knot Bridal Shower

I had the privileged of designing the party printables for my SIL's bridal shower... you might remember me talking about preparing for it here! Pink seersucker, nautical knots, navy blue and fuchsia accents... oh my! I started with the invite design and then built the party around that. The wedding colors are navy and khaki, so I wanted to girly it up a bit and added pink to spice things up for an all-women get-together! Enjoy!
A great way to add a personal touch and carry the theme throughout the room is to add frames with photos and customizable prints and put the actual invite on display!
Chocolate covered pretzels acted as mini "knots" in favor bags titled "tying the knot", while wrapping boring old bottled water and napkins with matching paper ties everything together!
Pink frosting, strawberry cupcakes and printable accessories make these cupcakes match perfectly to the rest of the party! And I couldn't resist including a pic of the darling Isabella trying to figure out how to eat one of these fancy cupcakes!
Tented food labels are so helpful and so cute... just as cute as that bride!
It was no question to include pink lemonade as the main beverage to match the other pink details!
You know you're dying to make these adorable lifesaver cookies! Nautical, check. Tasty, check! One of my crafty SIL's whipped these up after she was inspired by these...
Pink balloons, seersucker runners, nautical knots and pretty flowers finished this party off perfectly!
A mini "Love is Sweet" banner hung above the dessert table and a large "Bridal Shower" banner hung in the main room. Sorry, I SO wish I had some mad photography skills or had tracie with me all the time, 'cause not many of my photos from the actual shower worked out all that well {lots of windows!} so I took some pics after the shower, in the backyard!

Throw your own pretty, preppy, pink nautical bridal shower by just ordering my printable party and putting your {simple} craft skills to work! So easy and produces quite the wow factor amongst all the ladies!

Fridays with Fin :: Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there! I'm so proud to be a part of the mommy click and celebrate with you all! My life was forever changed from this moment on...
And happy mother's day to my mama!
Have a great weekend everyone and remember to spoil your mamas on Sunday! Start with a really cute FREE printable greeting card

In Demand :: Custom Baby Onesie Stickers

This is my favorite category in my etsy shop and it seems to be "the peeps" fave too! Onesie stickers are a hot commodity right now and y'all better just hop on the band wagon! If you've got a baby, you better be taking their monthly photo with a onesie sticker on! In my shop, I offer a little something different than the normal onesie stickers... with mine, you can customize!

Below is my seersucker collection! You can choose between pink & blue seersucker stripes and choose your own embellishment! And if you look closely at Miss Gracie's {on the right} she customized even further and had me create a brand new embellishment because she wanted a monkey motif! Take a peek at the sheet of embellishments below for a selection of fun motifs to select from, and if you don't see one you like, I can create a brand new one just for you for only $8 extra!
P.S... That's Porter and Gracie! They're cousins. 1 day a part. I just want to pinch them. {See how cute Gracie is even without wearing her onesie sticker... love it propped up next to her darling monkey onesie and monkey "prop"!}
Here are the embellishments you can choose from to customize your onesie stickers...
Below are my polka dot & diagonals and polka dot & zig zag onesie stickers. Choose from pink or pool patterned background with green or navy numbers! A great feature about the two options below is if you have twins... order one set in the diagonal background and the other in the zig zag background and put one on each twin each month that you take a photo to decipher the two! :P

I'll continue to post as I make more onesie sticker designs. And, as always, you can contact me to create a custom design! Check my shop for my other onesie sticker designs...

Sailboat Save the Date

Here's a fun and unique way to have your guests save the date for a nautical wedding! Send them their very own sail! This happens to be from my wedding {again, I know, but when blog post inspiration dwindles, I've always got my own wedding to rely on!} and was an easy DIY project! But P.S... I was married almost 4 years ago, so don't judge the font choice for our names! I was a younger designer then! ;)
The "masts" are lollipop sticks that I spray painted silver, the ropes, to tie the sail to the masts, are white covered wire and the sails are card stock cut down down to a {mathematical-name here} triangle! And if you can see, peeking through the inside of the envelops, I made my own liners too! I wrote all about this bad boy when I worked at Broadway Paper, so check it out!

We kept the silver spray paint going, and made more masts for our sailboat place cards...

Remember... I'm always available for custom design, so if you're interested in creating your own sailboat save-the-dates or placecards, but need a little help in the design department, just contact me!

Oh, and P.P.S... The bridal shower this weekend {that I had my little helper for} went great! I took lots of pics and will be showcasing my printable party for it soon, but... I left my camera in my mom's car after the shower and she drove off with it to Green Bay {2 hours away!}... so, stay on your tippy toes a little longer! ;)