Fridays with Fin :: Cabin Fever

I’ll be honest, this Friday crept up on me and I’m sorta pulling this post out of my you-know-what! The reason being, Finny and I have been enjoying the outdoors and have NOT wanted to sit inside on the computer! Spring has finally sprung here in Wisconsin, so our pale, chubbier selves {well, me anyway!} have broken out of the house and enjoyed smelling the flowers! And picking them.

Heres my BIG BOY rockin’ on his teeter totter!
Fin’s favorite thing is to find airplanes after he hears them… Here’s the process in action:
So, we had a fence put into our backyard and I cannot believe the FREEDOM a fence has given our family! Who knew containment could do that! Can you see the fence peeking in the background? Don’t mind the pee-stained yard… remember, winter’s are hard on us! ;) And P.S… to all my family… doesn’t Fin look like Grandpa John in his shorts and crocs!
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Katie Hansen13 May, 2011

    Cuute!! Can't wait to stop over and visit! He's getting so big! How is big Fender-man loving the new fence?

  2. There's my little buddy!! :-) Give him a hug for me!! Miss you guys!

  3. That boy is too cute!!! Love how happy he is about the plane...that's a huge smile!

  4. My favorite is "plane sighting aftermath"!

  5. Lora Leis14 May, 2011

    Fin's smile is as big as the whale's smile on his shirt, toooo CUTE!! And I'm pretty sure Fin's middle name should be John-Herman. :)