Sailboat Save the Date

Here's a fun and unique way to have your guests save the date for a nautical wedding! Send them their very own sail! This happens to be from my wedding {again, I know, but when blog post inspiration dwindles, I've always got my own wedding to rely on!} and was an easy DIY project! But P.S... I was married almost 4 years ago, so don't judge the font choice for our names! I was a younger designer then! ;)
The "masts" are lollipop sticks that I spray painted silver, the ropes, to tie the sail to the masts, are white covered wire and the sails are card stock cut down down to a {mathematical-name here} triangle! And if you can see, peeking through the inside of the envelops, I made my own liners too! I wrote all about this bad boy when I worked at Broadway Paper, so check it out!

We kept the silver spray paint going, and made more masts for our sailboat place cards...

Remember... I'm always available for custom design, so if you're interested in creating your own sailboat save-the-dates or placecards, but need a little help in the design department, just contact me!

Oh, and P.P.S... The bridal shower this weekend {that I had my little helper for} went great! I took lots of pics and will be showcasing my printable party for it soon, but... I left my camera in my mom's car after the shower and she drove off with it to Green Bay {2 hours away!}... so, stay on your tippy toes a little longer! ;)

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  1. still so cute!! love how much detail went into these!!