Fridays with Fin :: Mommy's little helper

I am working on a DARLING bridal shower for this Saturday {that I can't wait to post about next week!} and so I've been hard at work getting things ready. I'm not doing this all on my own though, don't worry, I've got a little sidekick! All my little man wants to do is copy EVERYTHING that adults do, so I took advantage of this phase of toddlerville and put him to work at removing water bottle labels...
If Fin doesn't end up becoming an astronaut or rocket scientist... he'll surely make one good stock boy some day!
Fender and daddy joined in on the fun! Can't wait for you to see what these label-less bottles turned into! Happy Friday everyone. Have a great weekend.


  1. Fin standing in the case of water bottles is priceless! You have a good staff there!