Fridays with Fin :: Gettin' Lazy

Another lazy Fridays with Fin Post... sheesh, we just don't have that many cool things going on lately! ;P This week was cold and crummy and we were inside most of the week {that's Wisconsin for you, as last week we were outside all week!} So, I'll leave you for the weekend with some good old fashioned in-door fort action! We've kept it up all week and I think it could be permanent decor in the house! And, I think Fender and I have hung out in the fort the most! ;)
Happy Weekend y'all!


  1. Lora Leis20 May, 2011

    Wish we lived closer, I'd be hanging out in the fort with you as the kiddos played!

  2. love it!!! so cozy! (i think you need a fort kit too) :-)