Fridays with Fin :: Keepin' it Real

I am not gonna lie. This has been one heck of a week. Fin has been the sassiest he's ever been {I'm talking looking a kid dead in the eyes as he chucks dirt in his face and smiling with joy}. I'm crabby in all sorts of ways {me + little sleep = cranks}. My hubby is stressed to the max. We keep saying there is a fine line between love and hate goin' on in our family right now! ;P

But then... we get faces like these...

and all is right in the world again. Happy 7 weeks Navy Rose! :)


  1. She's smiling!!!! Love it!!

    Sorry the week has been a tough one. Let me know if you could use a nap. I'm more than willing to hang out with your cuties!!! :-)

  2. I'm right there with you, Nellie! Parenting in the trenches of infant-hood (and toddler-hood for you!). The days are long and tiresome, you sort of feel like you no longer have a husband, more like a ship you pass in the night (i.e. someone you just share parenting duties with), but those small moments when your babies smile or coo make it completely worth it all, don't they? Keep trucking, I hear it gets easier... :)