Fridays with Fin :: 6 weeks in!

{beware... lots of photos!} Well! We've survived 6 whole weeks as a family of four! I can't believe how fast it is going. This moment came and went without us even knowing it... {we took Navy's one month photo two days late!... second child syndrome!}
How cute is that girl!? And how cute are those onesie stickers? ;P My shop's opening up soon and then you can have them for your own cutie!
Fin has been SUCH a great big bro these past 6 weeks. He loves tummy time with Navy {yes, there is a trend in these two photos from separate times... Fin hangs without his pants on a LOT}!
Fin takes part in feeding Navy by "nursing" his own bear...
Fin likes to play games, like, let's pretend Navy is sitting on my head or how many toys can I cram on Navy or Let's squeeze Navy's leg when mom's not looking ...
We hit up our favorite place, the children's museum, again this past week! They got a new exibit and it was a BIG hit with Fin {Navy slept through the whole experience}! I couldn't get him Fin of that row boat...
Daddy joined in on the fun this week... snuggin' on his two kiddos, rockin' the bjorn with Navy and mowing the lawn with Fin!
Here's "the kids" {still getting use to that phrase!} hanging with their friends {yes, Navy already has a bestie and yes, that is Fin without pants again!}
Mostly, we've been having a lot of fun with mommy's new iPhone taking goofy pics!
Sorry about the photo dump, y'all. I'm just enjoying my time SO much with my two babies that I can't help but think every single moment is worth capturing, and boring you with! ;) Happy Friday!! Have a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!




  2. More!! Post more!!!! :) :) :)

  3. These photos are awesome!!!! That little boy of yours...I just want to eat him up!! Oh, and EJ saw the last pics and said, "Nellie is SO silly!" So you've got that going for you! I can't believe so much time has passed already...I know it doesn't feel like it during the sleep-deprivation, but it goes so fast!!!