My centerpiece found ME!

Remember when I was boasting about my amazing new dining table and mentioned that all I could think about was how to spruce up the top of it? Well, in the past week, two gorgeous pieces randomly found their way to me! 
First, I received this beautiful pottery barn vase from my SIL for helping with her wedding paper designs. Thank you Emily & Aaron... can't wait for the wedding this weekend and to share some of those designs with all of y'all soon! And then, kind of an interesting story about how I received the burlap runner... I got an order for a custom label to match my camping party invites and the name of the customer sounded familiar. So, being the nosy gal I am, I clicked on her etsy profile and linked to her shop on etsy! And what do you know, I happened to already have one of her burlap runners starred as one of my "favorites"! So, I mentioned to her how much I loved her runners and we decided to do a trade! I design her labels and she send me a runner... Deal!

I love it... so simple, love the texture, not too flashy... perfect! Check out Rayna Lane to spruce up your own table tops! :)


  1. Lora Leis29 June, 2011

    Cute Nellie, love the beachy feel!

  2. Love it! Think I'm moving in when winter hits so I can soak up the beachy-ness of your lovely home!