Fridays with Fin :: Faux Smile & Closet

So, I'm working on a little project the other day... a completely "nellie-esque" no-sew, ghetto project that I'll touch upon later ... but as I'm working, I discovered Finley's fake smile!
Normal Finny on the left... but say the magic word "smile" and this is what results, on the right! I want to squeeze him and pinch him and nibble on him! Now all I do is say smile all the time so I can get that face!

And now, here's my little project, that Finley so wonderfully helped me out with... Let me start by saying, I live in an old house that has very limited closet space. My husband and I share a 2'x4' closet. We're bursting at the seams here. So, being the amazingly domestic woman that I am {bahaha} I busted out the "stitch witchery", the iron, scissors and some cute material!
And here's what this domestic diva ended up with...
A faux closet! We're loving the extra space and especially loving that we're sticking to our truly classy selves! ;P


  1. Well I think your project is fancy!! Love it!

    And that boy of I could just give him a big squeeze! He is so adorable!!! Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day to Matthew!

  2. love it! I have that same fabric and I'm dying for something fun to do with it. you're brilliant with the faux closet idea.