Fridays with Fin :: I "get it" mom...

I've heard the words from this book almost my whole life. "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be." It's from one of my mom's favorite books {and now one of mine}... I'm sure most of the world is familiar! ... {did some of you already choke up just reading the quote!?} ;P
Love You Forever

Well, now that I have a little guy of my own, I "get it"! My mom always told me I would discover a love I never knew existed. She was right {as she usually is!}. As hard as it can be and as crazy as my life has now become, I love that stinkin' kid so much!

I tried to snap a photo of Finny sleeping for you to go with a little story I'm about to share, but it didn't quite work out. First, because the clicks of the camera woke him up during one of his naps {awesome} and second, because the photos from the nighttime looked really creepy! So, no pics for you. Just a story about how author, Robert Maunch, nailed it on the head with his book...

My hubby and I, after brushing our teeth and getting ready for bed, grab our iPhones and sneak into Fin's room together, like stealth-mode-ninjas, every single night. And, I have a feeling we're not the only ones who do this, I mean an entire book was written about this! We go in, with our glowing phones, shine them in his face and just well up with overflowing joy! Sometimes we poke at him, or  just look at each other and give a "can't believe he's ours" look, but most of the time our little bundle of joy starts thrashing around, giving some grunts and groans, as the hubs and I run out of the room as fast as we can! ha! Just thinking of it gives me the butterflies in my tummy. 

So, I "get it"! Any of y'all as coo-coo as my hubby and me? Happy Weekend!


  1. I think we all do it! In fact I still sneak in on the big kid! :-)

  2. Anonymous10 June, 2011

    Hey my precious baby girl. I do love you forever and like you for always and as long as I'm living my baby you will be. Happy Birthday. Love MOM

  3. This is a test LOVE MOM