Thursday with Fin :: Clothesline Gift

We are celebrating St. Patty's day in style! Check my little irish soccer player out!
And all day while he's been wearing this outfit, I remembered the oh-so-unique, super fun way I received it from my friends at my baby shower! And of course, I thought to myself... this is such a blog-worthy idea! {'cause now, you know, that's how I think!} Take a peek...
If you're looking for a way to spice up a baby shower, this is the way to do it! Now I, of course, the sweatiest-future-mama-ever, didn't enjoy getting up to put this on display at the time, but the IDEA was amazing! I was given a darling basket, wrapped in tissue and inside was filled with what I thought was just a stash of baby clothes... well, out came a very long rope with clothes and gift cards and accessories pinned to it! It was so fun and a great way to break up all that {immensly boring for everyone else in the room} gift opening!
 Yep, that's how we roll people. That is Fin's favorite spot in the house! On top of the kitchen table ... taunting the dog!

Have a great weekend everyone! Sorry for changing "Friday's with Fin" to Thursday! I'm not posting tomorrow because I want to be a part of this movement...


  1. cute! i recently went to a shower that did the same thing (clothesline) but instead she pinned a holiday outfit for each holiday in the expected size for the baby. ie - mama is due in May so the first outfit was 4th of July in 3 mos., then Halloween, etc. it was ADORABLE!

  2. I'm telling you...cutest idea I've ever seen done right in front of my eyes! you should have had video of those lovely girls!!! :-)