Pleated Package with a Paper Bow

I wrapped this gift for a bridal shower I attended this Saturday. I'm telling you, if you put pleats on your package, it is SURE to be passed around the room! ;) Women love this stuff, and that was just the case this weekend!

And if you ever have that dreaded moment when you don't have a single thread of CUTE ribbon in sight, have no fear, grab a sheet/roll of gift wrap and make your own paper ribbon & bow! Here's a little step by step action for you all...

1. Wrap you gift with pleats... I wrote directions for how to wrap the pleated gift when I use to work here, so check it out
2. Cut a 3" wide {roughly} strip of gift wrap. Make sure the length is enough to wrap around the entire gift with a little extra to overlap.
3. Fold both edges of the strip down 1/2" to make a clean, crisp edge. Tape fold down.
4. Create your "bow" pieces: First, make two loops with 2" wide strips of gift wrap. I made my loops varied lengths, and eyeballed how large I wanted them to be. Second, create a third strip 1.5" wide by 4" long. Place the two first loops on top of each other and wrap a third strip around both loops, adhering to the back with tape.
5. Wrap the first strip around the entire package and tape to adhere at the top of the package. Then, using double sided tape, adhere the bachelor bow to the top of that strip.


  1. SO cute!!! and love that i now have a tutorial at my fingertips!

  2. Lisa Mahnke07 March, 2011

    super super cute!

  3. love it!!!!! the paper ribbon is brilliant!

  4. It was the best wrapped gift at party!!

  5. so simple yet elegant. love it!