Friday's with Fin :: Grandpa Joe's Artwork

Fin's grandpa, my dad, is an artist. He was a freelance illustrator for most of his professional career and illustrated for many Christian publications, including this bible. I really wanted something special and meaningful for Fin's nursery, so framed two of the original drawings from that bible series...
I know, I know, maybe the David & Goliath scene is a little scary looking for a nursery, but just think of the lesson from it! ;) I warned you that "friday's with fin" might get a little more personal! ;P

Will there be another artist in the family??
Thanks dad, for creating an amazing legacy for little Finley!


  1. :D :D :D Yay art and Joe my hero (and Fin)!!!

  2. Kristin Hein04 March, 2011

    Wow Nellie, Your dad is an amazing artist! What a gift!

  3. These are so gorgeous and special!!! Love that you put them in Fin's room. And I think you just might have a great artist on your hands too!

  4. What a special tribute to your dad! So sweet, in fact, it got me all teared up (yeah, yeah, I'm a total sap).