I love you Blogs and ...

...diet coke and coffee and mochas and tea and...! As I am diving deeper into the blog world, I realize how the love and passion for it needs to be expressed! So, I’ve designed a couple of prints in hopes to specifically touch one of my caffeine-loving, blog-crazed readers out there!

The cost for a digital file of one of these prints is $10. Check them out here... Don't see a print with your second love? I can edit the last line to be "blogs and..." anything else you love ... wine, bubbles, boys, baking... just convo me at checkout!


  1. love the suggestions for different last lines! :-)

    love my diet coke edition and proudly display it on my office wall (my favorite spot for diving into blogs like yours)!

  2. I still love the diet coke one! so fantastic. haha.

  3. Love the diet coke edition, as I don't drink coffee. I'm heading to your etsy site to purchase. :)