Fridays with Fin :: New Cousin!

We welcomed Finley's new baby cousin, Porter, into the world on Tuesday! Finley got to visit him in the hospital and play with his other cousin, Landon {Porter's big bro} while we were there!
High fives and "knuckles" were going all around!
Is it bad that I'm taking this opportunity to promote a new product to my shop? {I've already warned my family & friends that I have dibs on births, weddings & parties to use as "portfolio pieces", so they are down with it!} Below is what our family gave to Porter as a welcome gift!

First up is stationery with matching return address labels...
Next up: matching "month-to-month onesie stickers". I can't wait to get monthly photos of little Porter sportin' these preppy alligator stickers!
...and so I decided to list it as a gift set to order the personalized stationery and baby month-to-month onesie stickers together in my etsy shop! {more designs coming soon!}
I also took a stab at this felt letter frame. I stole the idea from my friend Heather, who created one for Finley when he was born! I think this girl {me} needs to stick to the computer, 'cause hand stitching just ain't for me! Uh hum, as evident in the horribly crooked stitch lines! Yikes!
And just for some extra fun... here's a peek into Porter's nursery! A couple weekends ago I headed over to help my Sis-in-Law paint stripes on the nursery walls. Well, lets just say that hormones got the best of US {yeah, my hormones are like that of a 9 month pregnant woman on a regular day!} and we could NOT make a decision for the life of us! After HOURS spent together, I ended up leaving her with one solid white stripe! :( But, she ended up whipping it into shape and here's how it ended up!
How fun are the starfish on the wall!? Love the room guys! You little Porter will feel so special and comforted by his beautiful surroundings! 

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  1. Oh my goodness! Adorable!!! The ones stickers, the stationery, the letter (I think that's good work!), the room and especially little Porter! :-) Congratulations Auntie Nellie!!!