Fridays with Fin :: Mommy's little helper

I am working on a DARLING bridal shower for this Saturday {that I can't wait to post about next week!} and so I've been hard at work getting things ready. I'm not doing this all on my own though, don't worry, I've got a little sidekick! All my little man wants to do is copy EVERYTHING that adults do, so I took advantage of this phase of toddlerville and put him to work at removing water bottle labels...
If Fin doesn't end up becoming an astronaut or rocket scientist... he'll surely make one good stock boy some day!
Fender and daddy joined in on the fun! Can't wait for you to see what these label-less bottles turned into! Happy Friday everyone. Have a great weekend.

Mother's Day Gift Set

This mother's day, give mom something personalized, bright and cheerful with this darling gift set, now available in my etsy shop! It includes 12 personalized flat note cards with 12 kraft envelopes, 12 matching return address labels and a colorful and sweet 5x7 print!

Good Friday with Fin!

Yeah. My plan to have Fin wear the bunny ears and sit perfectly for the camera went bad before I even had a chance to grab my camera. So, I give you the REAL Finley and his buddy Fender! Happy Easter y'all!
Enjoy celebrating with family and friends, and hopefully having Good Friday off! Before I sign off for the weekend, I'll leave you with a good impression of Fin... always happy with crayons in hand!
Amid all the egg hunts, egg coloring, candy and gifts {which I am SO looking forward to having a toddler around for!} ... take a moment to remember the reason for all the celebration ...

John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

New dining room table!

Okay, bear with me, but now that I'm a "blogger" {haha, don't know why I chuckle saying that} I can SO see how you live your life all the time thinking, "oh, I should totally blog about that!" So, to all my peeps out there, hope you don't mind a little "non-design" post to hear me brag blog about the awesome new table we got for our dining room!
So, when we first moved into our quaint "english cottage" home, it was a HOT MESS, to say the least! The top pic above, we snapped when walking through the home before we owned it. Dirty carpet and junk everywhere. We moved in, ripped out all the carpeting and cleaned and painted everything in sight! The bottom pics above show the progress after we moved in. The pic to the left shows my husband's grandpa's {very vintage} kitchen table that we just "covered up" to make do. Then we painted and stained that table {pic to the right} and my "vision" was becoming more real! But the fact was, it was a kitchen table and kinda small. So, we always just knew we ultimately wanted a new table, but didn't set out to find one {budgetary reasons}!

Well, like they say with finding your husband... he pops up when you least expect him to... that's what happened with finding our new dining table! 
Isn't he handsome. A friend of mine, whose style I've always admired, posted on her facebook page that her dining set was up for sale! I was the first on the scene! If I were to go to a store to pick a table, this would be the one I would pick, so to have it pop up like this, and at a "hand-me-down-price", I knew I had to jump at this moment!

Funny thing is, I wasn't even thinking about doing more to the dining room for a while {have SO many more demanding projects in the house} and now that I've got this new gem, all I've been thinking about are DIY centerpiece ideas and finding a cool square rug for underneath! So, I'm sure my budget-savvy hubby is hearing "cha-chings" in his head just thinking about the snowball-effect of buying this new table!

Thanks for staying with me! Maybe I'll post something "design-y" next time! ;)

Free! Printable mother's day greeting cards

Top off mom's gift for Mother's Day this year with these fun, coastal-chíc and FREE printable greeting cards! Just download, print onto white cardstock, cut and fold! I've paired mine with a goes-with-everything kraft envelope, but any A2 size envelope would be perfect!
Click here to download the "you anchor me" mother's day card.

Click here to download the "you're the wave beneath my board" mother's day card.

Fridays with Fin :: Walking for a cure!

For the past two years, I have been a part of WALK MS in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I walk for my two amazing friends, Katie & Tracie, who were diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis around the same time as each other. Although the diagnosis was scary, they have both blown me away by their strength and perseverance! I am walking for them, as well as the many others fighting this disease!

Both years before, I walked with Fin... The first year, he was in my belly, and last year he was stroller-ing along not knowing where he was, but THIS YEAR, he's gonna be walking {and stroller-ing} right there with me!

Below are some pics of Fin and his girlfriend Harper! Harper is my friend Katie's daughter. Katie is one of my friends diagnosed with MS. First of all, I can't believe we are both mommies now {see pic of us way below from when we were dorky 15-year-olds!} and secondly, I'm so proud that we are instilling in these little people the power of fighting for a cure and believing in a miracle!
Here's me and Katie {below}. We've been friends since our awkward 8th grade days! The pic on the left is from our 15th b-day party and to the right, from my wedding day! Sorry about the ghetto quality of the pic on the left... we didn't have digital cameras back then! :P
So, this "Fridays with Fin" is for you, Katie and Tracie... Fin and I cannot wait to walk for a cure this Sunday!

Click here for more details about my team, my goals and our mission! And, click here to learn more about Multiple Sclerosis.

In demand :: Camping Party Invites!

Ever since this blog post, I've been getting some major action for the invite below...
And, I've had a couple customers change up the colors/ideas a bit! Take a look at some of the new ideas we came up with for the same invite!

Looking to have your own camping themed party and want to customize this invite for yourself... check it out here! Complimentary color changes + text personalization! Also, I'm working on some party printable pieces to match these invites, so stay tuned for those!

Need some camping party inspiration... check out the party this invite was originally created for!

Fridays with Fin :: d.i.y. bowtie

A friend of mine forwarded me this blog post saying it was a MUST DO for Finny! Its a DIY tutorial to make the darling bowties shown below!

Well, she was absolutely right, unfortunately, me and the sewing machine that I bought solely to make my ring bearers pillow over three years ago {and hasn't seen the light of day since}, don't mix very well! {I mean, you all saw my hand stitching, right?} Looks like I might need to take that "Everyday sewing with YOUR machine" class offered by our Rec Department! ;) Seems I'm not the only one with this issue!

Anyway... How adorable would my little guy look in that bowtie! Love it. And hey, for all you DIYers, here's the bowtie tutorial...

But, since I'm not a "sewer" just yet, I might just have to buy this one from JCrew!
Why is it soooo cute to dress little people as adults!? And now, just for fun, since I wasn't blogging at the time, here's a peek at Fin from his 6 month photo shoot by {tsj} photography! Quite the stud in his tie, hey?!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Nautical Knot Save-the-Date

My little sister-in-law is getting married! I'm sure you've noticed by now, the in-laws and I have a little thing for all things nautical! So, my SIL came to me to help with the design of her save the date postcards. We're using the knot motif throughout all the pieces of the wedding {can't wait to post on other things I'm designing for them!} and navy and khaki for the color palette. How great are the photos of the happy couple!? Isn't the shot of just their feet so fun! A photo save-the-date card is a great way to introduce to your guests what to look forward to on the BIG day!
Looking to have you own nautical wedding, and want to send out a modern, affordable {postcard postage people!}, personalized photo save-the-date? Head over to my etsy shop and order here!

Fridays with Fin :: Chair Art

Fin's version of "chair art":

Mommy's version of "chair art":

The image above is courtesy of some creative person I found over at Snow & Graham's blog... Oh how I would dream of decoupaging my IKEA chairs to look like that... but all I envision are tiny little hands peeeeeeeling back the gorgeous glued paper and TEARING it off with great joy by a certain sassy toddler! Now is not the time in your life for such pretty things, mommy, now is not the time.