New dining room table!

Okay, bear with me, but now that I'm a "blogger" {haha, don't know why I chuckle saying that} I can SO see how you live your life all the time thinking, "oh, I should totally blog about that!" So, to all my peeps out there, hope you don't mind a little "non-design" post to hear me brag blog about the awesome new table we got for our dining room!
So, when we first moved into our quaint "english cottage" home, it was a HOT MESS, to say the least! The top pic above, we snapped when walking through the home before we owned it. Dirty carpet and junk everywhere. We moved in, ripped out all the carpeting and cleaned and painted everything in sight! The bottom pics above show the progress after we moved in. The pic to the left shows my husband's grandpa's {very vintage} kitchen table that we just "covered up" to make do. Then we painted and stained that table {pic to the right} and my "vision" was becoming more real! But the fact was, it was a kitchen table and kinda small. So, we always just knew we ultimately wanted a new table, but didn't set out to find one {budgetary reasons}!

Well, like they say with finding your husband... he pops up when you least expect him to... that's what happened with finding our new dining table! 
Isn't he handsome. A friend of mine, whose style I've always admired, posted on her facebook page that her dining set was up for sale! I was the first on the scene! If I were to go to a store to pick a table, this would be the one I would pick, so to have it pop up like this, and at a "hand-me-down-price", I knew I had to jump at this moment!

Funny thing is, I wasn't even thinking about doing more to the dining room for a while {have SO many more demanding projects in the house} and now that I've got this new gem, all I've been thinking about are DIY centerpiece ideas and finding a cool square rug for underneath! So, I'm sure my budget-savvy hubby is hearing "cha-chings" in his head just thinking about the snowball-effect of buying this new table!

Thanks for staying with me! Maybe I'll post something "design-y" next time! ;)


  1. When I saw the "before" picture, I thought - "so not Nellie!" But the after - and the table are amazing!

    Love! Love! Love it!

  2. Ooh, Nellie!! It's absolutely gorgeous!! Such a cute house you've got . . . and I love your style!

  3. Oh my word! I cannot imagine your house with that carpet!!!! I know it took a lot of work, but your floors are so the way to go! And I LOVE the new table! The shape is absolutely perfect for the room and the chairs are fab too!

    I hope a find like that appears for our dining room soon. I've been trolling craigslist big time as we really need to be able to have more than 4 chairs around our table (of and preferably they should no longer be chairs that fall apart)! :-)

  4. LOVE it!! I good friend of mine has a square table like that (only in black) and every.single.time. I see it I fall in love with it all over again.

    Can't wait to see more of your cute house...

  5. LOVE it nellie!!! and i'll take non-design-y posts anytime! ;)