Good Friday with Fin!

Yeah. My plan to have Fin wear the bunny ears and sit perfectly for the camera went bad before I even had a chance to grab my camera. So, I give you the REAL Finley and his buddy Fender! Happy Easter y'all!
Enjoy celebrating with family and friends, and hopefully having Good Friday off! Before I sign off for the weekend, I'll leave you with a good impression of Fin... always happy with crayons in hand!
Amid all the egg hunts, egg coloring, candy and gifts {which I am SO looking forward to having a toddler around for!} ... take a moment to remember the reason for all the celebration ...

John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


  1. thanks for the smile this morning!!!

  2. Nellie, that totally made me smile. Reminded me of many, many attempted photosh oots here at the Flynn house over the years!! (Now they typically end with eye-rolling instead of tears, but have generally the same outcome!) Fin is adorable, whether he's cooperative or not!! :-)

  3. SO CUTE! (Both Fin and Fender!) That's probably about how it would have gone here too, except Sunny would not have kept the ears on nearly as long as Fender did!

  4. the pic where you have "fender is not amused" kills me! fender's face is priceless! and seriously...finny is even cute crying! :-) love it!

    Happy Easter Nellie!!!!!

  5. Those boys are both SO CUTE!! Can't wait to see you all again! Happy Easter :)