Fridays with Fin :: Walking for a cure!

For the past two years, I have been a part of WALK MS in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I walk for my two amazing friends, Katie & Tracie, who were diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis around the same time as each other. Although the diagnosis was scary, they have both blown me away by their strength and perseverance! I am walking for them, as well as the many others fighting this disease!

Both years before, I walked with Fin... The first year, he was in my belly, and last year he was stroller-ing along not knowing where he was, but THIS YEAR, he's gonna be walking {and stroller-ing} right there with me!

Below are some pics of Fin and his girlfriend Harper! Harper is my friend Katie's daughter. Katie is one of my friends diagnosed with MS. First of all, I can't believe we are both mommies now {see pic of us way below from when we were dorky 15-year-olds!} and secondly, I'm so proud that we are instilling in these little people the power of fighting for a cure and believing in a miracle!
Here's me and Katie {below}. We've been friends since our awkward 8th grade days! The pic on the left is from our 15th b-day party and to the right, from my wedding day! Sorry about the ghetto quality of the pic on the left... we didn't have digital cameras back then! :P
So, this "Fridays with Fin" is for you, Katie and Tracie... Fin and I cannot wait to walk for a cure this Sunday!

Click here for more details about my team, my goals and our mission! And, click here to learn more about Multiple Sclerosis.

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