Fridays with Fin :: d.i.y. bowtie

A friend of mine forwarded me this blog post saying it was a MUST DO for Finny! Its a DIY tutorial to make the darling bowties shown below!

Well, she was absolutely right, unfortunately, me and the sewing machine that I bought solely to make my ring bearers pillow over three years ago {and hasn't seen the light of day since}, don't mix very well! {I mean, you all saw my hand stitching, right?} Looks like I might need to take that "Everyday sewing with YOUR machine" class offered by our Rec Department! ;) Seems I'm not the only one with this issue!

Anyway... How adorable would my little guy look in that bowtie! Love it. And hey, for all you DIYers, here's the bowtie tutorial...

But, since I'm not a "sewer" just yet, I might just have to buy this one from JCrew!
Why is it soooo cute to dress little people as adults!? And now, just for fun, since I wasn't blogging at the time, here's a peek at Fin from his 6 month photo shoot by {tsj} photography! Quite the stud in his tie, hey?!
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I have a sewing machine my mom bought for me when she made some curtains while visiting - 7 years ago! I haven't touched it since because it intimidates the crap out of me. Wish I lived closer so I could take that class with you :-)

  2. so cute!!!! no sewing for me though...don't let me near your machine or i'll break it! :-)