St. Pat's Bunco Party!

Wow, is St. Pat's really already {basically} here!? Remember this adorably festive party I designed, with the help of my amazing photog friend Tracie?!
Well, Its been a hot seller this time of year and I had a really fun request to add to it... to create Bunco Party Printables to match! Okay, so I've never played the game before, so had to do some research to even know what to make, but once I figured it out, I think we came up with some great printables for a fun party...

Just think... a BUNCO St. Pat's Party... that could get crazy! Order your own Bunco Printable Set HERE! And, be sure to pair that up with my original St. Pat's Party Printables, and you've got yourself one serious party!

Customer Approved! Sports Themed Party

Here's a fun party that created a while ago and am finally getting around to posting about! :0 I had a wonderful new customer contact me requesting custom printable designs for her son's Sports Theme Birthday Party! Being a mommy of a boy, I'm ALL about helping other mom's create cute, {yet still rockin' a boy vibe}, designs! Here's a peek at the cupcakes from this little man's party adorn with my printable cupcake wrappers...
And how cute is the birthday boy! So excited to blow out those candles, on those perfectly themed cupcakes, I might add! :)
Mama-party-planner told me she needed hang tags for these awesome sports-ball bottles and water bottle wraps for mini water bottles. Adding favor tags, wraps, banners and more throughout your party adds great consistency and ties everything in together... yes, even for a 7 year old boy's party! And, if you cut a circle out of those party tags, you've got yourself some great cupcake toppers!
Each place setting had a "joke card" with fun sports-themed jokes for the kids to have fun with!
Each little ball player got their own goodie bag, in a simple, yet perfectly matching, kraft lunch bag, tied together with satin green ribbon with a name tag attached to each!
I'm so glad I remembered to add this party to my shop, because I have a feeling this sports theme is a big need amongst the mom-of-boys community out there! I've added a couple of extra goodies to the party package {invite and pennant banner!} so have fun making a complete sports theme party for your little one! Order Here!

Fridays with Fin :: Randomness

I'm very pregnant, so bear with me as I spew out some randomness from my jumbled-up "pregnancy brain" for today's Fridays with Fin! I am loving on this boy more and more with every day he grows up! I feel so blessed to be able to be home with him to experience all the joys {and trials} that toddler-hood brings our way! {and for all you keeping up, we've had a much better week with going to bed at night... not "easy" but better!}

Fin and I are keepin' busy in these winter months {Janu-Feb is the WORST, isn't it} with walks with friends {we've had a really mild winter}...
We've also enjoyed some serious tea party action {yes, my boy is the only guy in attendance and loving every minute of it!}...

We've spent cold days at the Betty Brinn Children's Museum, which I highly recommend {if you're a mom scared of germs, get over it 'cause the kids have a blast and take seriously long naps after a morning spent there!} ...

And, here, I've captured my favorite time of the day... snuggle time after nap! You can't beat a groggy, sweaty toddler! Are you lovin' on that pink blanket Fin's sporting? It was an amazing hand-made gift for baby-on-the-way from an amazingly-talented-generous friend of mine! It's Fin's new fave, so I hope he hands it over nicely when baby-girl arrives!

So, that's all for now! Happy weekend everyone!

{final disclosure: sorry about all the bad phone-pix... a mama's gotta capture the moment with whatever she's got on hand, and it usually is just an iPhone... and not the fancy new iPhone either, with better camera than my "real" camera, anyway!}

30th Birthday Favors

This past weekend was a little Leis family overload, as we had a party for my hubby's 30th and my friend's threw me a baby "sprinkle"! We celebrated my hubby's b-day at the Lakefront Brewery, in downtown Milwaukee, and couldn't have asked for a better environment for such an event! You hear "brewery" and think it's just for adults, but it was an all out family fish fry with a sweet polka band playing roll out the barrell and other very-Germany tunes, so kids were SO welcomed and had a blast helping Matthew bring in the big 3-0!

Here's what I made for each guest... I put cupcakes in small kraft boxes, wrapped with a personalized label, and tied together with bakers twine. And yes, you SO need a custom wooden fork to eat your cupcake, so don't get sassy about that {like some of my guest's enjoyed teasing me about}!

I was a psychotic, 8-month pregnant, lunatic hostess who didn't take any pics of the party, so I had to snap these posed pics of the cupcake favors above and these favors & party hats I made for the kids, below. Each little one got their own star sunnies, kazoo and party hat with personalized tags! It was so fun to see the kids sportin' these fun goodies!
It was a fun time, my hubby and I felt very spoiled by the amazing friends and family in our lives and we are excited for this next chapter... 30's bringing in baby #2 soon! :)

Contact me if you're interested in any of these party printables!

Fridays with Fin :: Big Boy Bed

Okay, so I probably don't have a right to even be writing a post to my supposed "weekly" segment of Fridays with Fin because of how terrible I am at keeping up with it, but I thought I'd give y'all a little update on what's new with my Finny! We've bumped him up to big-boy-ville! His room is all grown up, not an ounce of baby in sight {well, unless you catch him hording his "nukies" in there} and so far, so... well, hard. Keepin' it real, folks.
Now, I probably shouldn't be writing about this 8 months preggo, after a long day and even longer night of putting him back in said big boy bed 5 times {and I swear, Super Nanny, I didn't make eye contact and didn't talk to him!}, because I may come across a bit frazzled, but this is where we are! Fin is a feisty one and the new found freedom that a non-caged-bed provides is not necessarily a good thing for my guy! We "sleep trained" him as a baby, so he's {somewhat} of a good sleeper {sleeps through the night, most nights, ha!} but MAN is he testing us with putting him down for naps & bed time! So, keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we are in crunch time to get this kid to "figure it out" before baby numero 2 comes along! ;)

Well, anyway, for those of you who just look at the pics, here's what his big boy room looks like now! Aesthetically, we love it, logistically, we wish he were still caged in! ;)
Happy Weekend Everyone! Today's my hubby's 30th Birthday, so we are going to be celebrating!! Happy B-day Mattie! :)

Mustache Valentine

I had a very fun customer ask me to create a custom valentine photo card using an idea she found on... you guessed it... pinterest! Take a peek at this idea for giving the gift of a felt mustache applique! :)

 How cute is it to have the little guy wearing an actual fake 'stache under the felt one! Love it! I have a feeling this guy's classmates and friends are going to love wearing these little treasures over candy any day!
Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and I'm showing off this idea a little late, I don't have this bad boy in my shop. But, if you think you can DIY this in time for Heart Day, contact me and I'll set up a listing for you to order the digital photo card from for $13!

Happy V-day!

Valentine's Bouncy Ball Favor Bag Tags

'Tis the season for favor bag tags! Another fun friend of mine, Heather, came to me for a custom designed bag tag for her kiddo's Valentine treats this year! She saw this cute idea on pinterest, but wanted the colors/fonts/design to match her kids style. Here's what we came up with...
Valentine, you make my heart BOUNCE! Pretty clever, hey? The kids are going to go nuts over these bouncy balls as their valentine. I am loving how creative the "valentine trading cards" are getting each year... not your standard box of candy hearts anymore!
I'm offering the FREE printable download here ... so go ahead, send your little valentine off to school this year with the coolest valentine in the class! Each tag measures 4"w x 2"h, when folded.