Fridays with Fin :: Randomness

I'm very pregnant, so bear with me as I spew out some randomness from my jumbled-up "pregnancy brain" for today's Fridays with Fin! I am loving on this boy more and more with every day he grows up! I feel so blessed to be able to be home with him to experience all the joys {and trials} that toddler-hood brings our way! {and for all you keeping up, we've had a much better week with going to bed at night... not "easy" but better!}

Fin and I are keepin' busy in these winter months {Janu-Feb is the WORST, isn't it} with walks with friends {we've had a really mild winter}...
We've also enjoyed some serious tea party action {yes, my boy is the only guy in attendance and loving every minute of it!}...

We've spent cold days at the Betty Brinn Children's Museum, which I highly recommend {if you're a mom scared of germs, get over it 'cause the kids have a blast and take seriously long naps after a morning spent there!} ...

And, here, I've captured my favorite time of the day... snuggle time after nap! You can't beat a groggy, sweaty toddler! Are you lovin' on that pink blanket Fin's sporting? It was an amazing hand-made gift for baby-on-the-way from an amazingly-talented-generous friend of mine! It's Fin's new fave, so I hope he hands it over nicely when baby-girl arrives!

So, that's all for now! Happy weekend everyone!

{final disclosure: sorry about all the bad phone-pix... a mama's gotta capture the moment with whatever she's got on hand, and it usually is just an iPhone... and not the fancy new iPhone either, with better camera than my "real" camera, anyway!}


  1. Fin at the tea party is adorable!!!!!

    And does Mr. Fin need his own blankie in a more manly color? I'd be happy to set him up! :-)

  2. He's so cute with the blankie! I don't blame him though, it's amazing!