Mustache Valentine

I had a very fun customer ask me to create a custom valentine photo card using an idea she found on... you guessed it... pinterest! Take a peek at this idea for giving the gift of a felt mustache applique! :)

 How cute is it to have the little guy wearing an actual fake 'stache under the felt one! Love it! I have a feeling this guy's classmates and friends are going to love wearing these little treasures over candy any day!
Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and I'm showing off this idea a little late, I don't have this bad boy in my shop. But, if you think you can DIY this in time for Heart Day, contact me and I'll set up a listing for you to order the digital photo card from for $13!

Happy V-day!


  1. This is adorable! I tried to talk Jack into this concept, but he thought he was too grown! :-)

  2. I have received so many compliments on these valentines! LOVE them! I've got some pictures to send when I get a chance to show you how I used them on gift bags for my son's classmates and his teachers. Thanks again for being so awecome!