Super Hero Birthday Party

I had the great joy of  designing the party printables for my sis-in-law, Lora's son's 2nd birthday party! Her son {and her hubby} L.O.V.E. Superman, so the theme was an easy decision! Check out the SUPER details and amazing party my SIL threw! Calling all SUPERHEROS...

Each guest was welcomed with this darling hand-painted banner and each little guest was given their very own hand-made super hero cape! My sis-in-law made them all herself! And, of course, all the little superheros got their sugar highs power from these tasty cupcakes with personalized toppers!

Lora spruced up water bottles and juice bottles with these personalized labels and gave each superhero their own favor bag filled with comics and a superman pez!

Just wanted to show off those capes again! It was SO fun to see all the little's running around with their capes and pretending to be flying! Oh, and I just had to include the pic on the bottom of my very upset super hero! ;P

Here's the Birthday Boy in all his Super Hero Glory! I mean, come on, look at that pose in the top left pic! He's got that down! Check out the bottom two pics... Lora hung a banner of photos of the birthday boy and I wrapped his gift to look like superman's bod! This theme was SO fun to play around with!

And here is what set the tone for the whole event! The invitation...

Calling all Super Hero's moms and party planners... Throw your own Super Hero themed party for your mini-mighty-men! Order the invitations or printable party in my etsy shop!

{here's some extra cuteness, just for fun!}

Fridays with Fin :: Hammock Fun

We recently received a hammock as an anniversary gift from my parents ... We ALL {I'm talking even the neighbors} LOVE it! Fin thinks it's number ONE...
The best part about this hanging canvas {besides how ridiculously cute it looks and comfy it feels} is that our little busy boy actually CHILLS in it!
He will lay with us for very long periods of time {okay, like 10 minutes}, puts his arms back and enjoy the view {especially if there's an airplane above}!
But mommy and Fin... we just like to show off our muscles while swinging! ;) Happy Weekend!

Personalized baby calling cards

I recently had a custom request to create baby calling cards to match my existing seersucker stationery set and onesie stickers. Here's how they turned out...

To be honest, I never really thought to include calling cards in my shop. And now I feel silly, being a mama AND a designer, I've never used them myself, so didn't know how "popular" they really were/are. Thoughts? Any moms out there lovin' on baby calling cards? Any of you not have a clue what you'd even need them for... to send as thank you notes, use as play date scheduling cards, add your contact info and use as mommy "business" cards, gift tags and more!

Fridays with Fin :: Camping Cranks

We had our first camping trip as a family! We decided to head up to Door County, WI for two nights of camping at Peninsula State Park. The hubby and I use to camp there during our pre-baby days and LOVED it, so thought, "why not"!

Here's a pic of Finny on the way up... and then on the last day... You decide how well it went! ;P
Let's just say we learned it is a LOT different going camping as a couple than with a toddler! When the first morning bird chirped, our boy was UP and at 'em! He did NOT care if it meant it was 4:52am! And in general, he was just a real crab {which I'm blaming on teething and maybe some of dad's genes, hahah, just kidding!} So, then our time was spent basically pawning Fin off on each other so we could give the other time to rest! But as usual, I'm being dramatic, and there waaas a lot of good moments too!
We enjoyed lots of walks, time on the beach and some shopping {yes, that pic of Fin and daddy in the chairs is Fin in "time out", hence the scowl on daddy's face!}.
Mama and Fin enjoyed being our goofball selves! But, believe me, mama needed that wine cooler in the pic above! 
A woman near us on the beach came up to us and said our family was so cute that she had to snap a pic of us! So, I guess we were fooling everyone that we were a happy, fun family! :)

Fin's favorite place all three days of camping??? ... inside our car. 
And now that it's been a week after the whole camping experience, I look at those faces and moments captured and realize how amazing of a trip it really was! In the moment, it was challenging, but it was a time we'll never forget! 
Sorry, I had to end with these pics... Yep, Fin's doing what you think he's doing! Happy weekend y'all!

I'm baaaack!

After a nice long week off, I'm back and ready to face reality again! I spent most of the week enjoying the sun and outdoors with the little guy and the rest "up north" in Door County, Wisconsin for two nights of camping and a wedding on the weekend.

Here's a peek at Fin and me fake relaxin' at the camp! Let me tell you, this was NOT a relaxing experience, so don't let the smiles on our faces fool you! More to come from this fun little trip on this week's Fridays with Fin! :) 

Yes, we are hardcore camping here with our gourmet coffee. And don't judge me for the sweatshirt that I've worn since I was 17 that has holes everywhere that my hubby thinks is super hot. ;)  

Well anyway, I'm back in business and look forward to getting back to the grind! So, ready... set... order!

Takin' a little breaksy...

Yep, that's right... I'm gonna be MIA from blog-world and the etsy shop for a little while! I'm taking a quick break to enjoy the summer! I put my shop on "vacation-mode" but will be back to take all orders again on Monday, July 18th. Feel free to contact me anytime and I will be sure to reply as soon as I'm available!

Speaking of enjoying the summer and {bear with me as I stretch this} my "camping trip" from the blogosphere ... I hope you're not sick of my camping party invite yet, 'cause its had its share of fun in some pretty sweet Etsy Treasuries ... Check 'em out!

Campfire dessert, anyone?

Camping Trip

Lets go camping!

Hot fun in the summertime
See you all next week!

Fridays with Fin :: Whoops!

Whoops! I kind of forgot about Fridays with Fin! :P Enjoy some cute pics. #thatisall

Baseball Bachelorette Party

I helped host a baseball-themed bachelorette party for my sis-in-law recently and wanted to post about it for two main reasons... First, I wanted to say that this mama can still party and second, because I thought a lot of people could benefit from one little detail from this event ... onesie stickers for adults! :P And to see some other fun baseball-themed party ideas!
A great way to set yourselves a part from the crowd is to all wear matching stickers on similarly colored shirts. My fellow party planners and I were thinking of getting shirts made for all of us and then thought that using my "onesie stickers" {with a new design on them} would be just as cute and MUCH cheaper more affordable! And how fun is that baseball pinata in the pic above! It created quite the stir as a pre-game festivity!
We gave each girl a sticker to put on the front and back of her shirt. And continuing with the baseball theme, we put a number on the back, which was the date of the wedding! You may notice that the logo on the front of the stickers, at first glance, looks like the Classic Milwaukee Brewers Logo... but look again! The party planners and I created a look-a-like logo with significant letters replacing the original letters... there is an "h", "e" and "a", meaningful to the bride and groom, that are hidden in the new logo!
Everyone got some baseball-themed favors...
We made quite the statement shaking our baseball maracas while cheering on the "brew crew"!
And everyone enjoyed some cracker jacks, with these favor tags attached.
All in all I think this baseball-themed bachelorette party was a success! Not too boyish {being a baseball theme} ... and perfect for our brew-crew-loving-bride!
As always, I'm happy to help YOU with any custom designs you need for a party you're hosting! Just contact me, tell me your vision and I'll design it into a reality! ;P

Fridays with Fin :: Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Hope its a fantastic, patriotic weekend! We've got an exciting weekend with a family wedding and lots of nostalgic 4th fun planned!

We had a great week and I thought I'd share some random phone pics from it with y'all...
Fin enjoying a swim.

Fin's second haircut going much smoother!

Fin behind the wheel!