I'm baaaack!

After a nice long week off, I'm back and ready to face reality again! I spent most of the week enjoying the sun and outdoors with the little guy and the rest "up north" in Door County, Wisconsin for two nights of camping and a wedding on the weekend.

Here's a peek at Fin and me fake relaxin' at the camp! Let me tell you, this was NOT a relaxing experience, so don't let the smiles on our faces fool you! More to come from this fun little trip on this week's Fridays with Fin! :) 

Yes, we are hardcore camping here with our gourmet coffee. And don't judge me for the sweatshirt that I've worn since I was 17 that has holes everywhere that my hubby thinks is super hot. ;)  

Well anyway, I'm back in business and look forward to getting back to the grind! So, ready... set... order!


  1. Lora Leis18 July, 2011

    Tooo cute!!
    It was hot, hot, hot this past weekend - how are you both in sweatshirts?! And do I dare ask how the first camping adventure went?! Lets talk soon!

  2. Love Fin with the arms up! And...did not see that your entire elbow is out until just now. Nice!!!