Fridays with Fin :: Camping Cranks

We had our first camping trip as a family! We decided to head up to Door County, WI for two nights of camping at Peninsula State Park. The hubby and I use to camp there during our pre-baby days and LOVED it, so thought, "why not"!

Here's a pic of Finny on the way up... and then on the last day... You decide how well it went! ;P
Let's just say we learned it is a LOT different going camping as a couple than with a toddler! When the first morning bird chirped, our boy was UP and at 'em! He did NOT care if it meant it was 4:52am! And in general, he was just a real crab {which I'm blaming on teething and maybe some of dad's genes, hahah, just kidding!} So, then our time was spent basically pawning Fin off on each other so we could give the other time to rest! But as usual, I'm being dramatic, and there waaas a lot of good moments too!
We enjoyed lots of walks, time on the beach and some shopping {yes, that pic of Fin and daddy in the chairs is Fin in "time out", hence the scowl on daddy's face!}.
Mama and Fin enjoyed being our goofball selves! But, believe me, mama needed that wine cooler in the pic above! 
A woman near us on the beach came up to us and said our family was so cute that she had to snap a pic of us! So, I guess we were fooling everyone that we were a happy, fun family! :)

Fin's favorite place all three days of camping??? ... inside our car. 
And now that it's been a week after the whole camping experience, I look at those faces and moments captured and realize how amazing of a trip it really was! In the moment, it was challenging, but it was a time we'll never forget! 
Sorry, I had to end with these pics... Yep, Fin's doing what you think he's doing! Happy weekend y'all!


  1. Emily Kate22 July, 2011

    Love the are the cutest little family :)

  2. well, first off, you guys are totally adorable!!! Love all the pics and glad you had fun! There are always rough spots to a vaca/getaway but it's the fun memories that make it worth it (and I'm sure camping comes with more rough spots too...I'd be looking a little like Fin's crying pics!).

    I can't believe you photo'd and shared poop pics! LOL!