Baseball Bachelorette Party

I helped host a baseball-themed bachelorette party for my sis-in-law recently and wanted to post about it for two main reasons... First, I wanted to say that this mama can still party and second, because I thought a lot of people could benefit from one little detail from this event ... onesie stickers for adults! :P And to see some other fun baseball-themed party ideas!
A great way to set yourselves a part from the crowd is to all wear matching stickers on similarly colored shirts. My fellow party planners and I were thinking of getting shirts made for all of us and then thought that using my "onesie stickers" {with a new design on them} would be just as cute and MUCH cheaper more affordable! And how fun is that baseball pinata in the pic above! It created quite the stir as a pre-game festivity!
We gave each girl a sticker to put on the front and back of her shirt. And continuing with the baseball theme, we put a number on the back, which was the date of the wedding! You may notice that the logo on the front of the stickers, at first glance, looks like the Classic Milwaukee Brewers Logo... but look again! The party planners and I created a look-a-like logo with significant letters replacing the original letters... there is an "h", "e" and "a", meaningful to the bride and groom, that are hidden in the new logo!
Everyone got some baseball-themed favors...
We made quite the statement shaking our baseball maracas while cheering on the "brew crew"!
And everyone enjoyed some cracker jacks, with these favor tags attached.
All in all I think this baseball-themed bachelorette party was a success! Not too boyish {being a baseball theme} ... and perfect for our brew-crew-loving-bride!
As always, I'm happy to help YOU with any custom designs you need for a party you're hosting! Just contact me, tell me your vision and I'll design it into a reality! ;P


  1. SO CUTE!!! Love it and it looks like you all had a great time!!

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