Fridays with Fin :: Take me out to the Ballgame!

I'm a little late on posting about our Father's Day adventure with the kids! Over Father's Day weekend, when we were up in Green Bay for the big Thomas excitement, we gifted dad with game tickets for an upcoming Milwaukee Brewer's Game! {I think my hubby is too immune to being married to a designer, 'cause he wasn't as blown away by the custom ticket I created for him as I thought he should be... or maybe that is just how "boys" react in general!}
We'd never gone to a game with either of the kids, let alone both of them, so we knew we were in for an adventure! With Navy strapped to me in the bjorn and Fin lathered with sun block, we headed in for a great time, right behind home plate {well, up in the nose bleeds, but behind the plate, none the less!}.
Our little crew lasted, amazingly, until the 5th inning! I have no idea who won, or really anything that happened during the game, but we all had a memorable time and I am chalking it off as a success!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Fifth inning is pretty darn good with littles (and you have super little too)! Love the ticket!!!!