Fridays with Fin :: Being a Big Bro

We've talked and talked and talked to Finley about how he was going to be a BIG BROTHER soon... we hyped it up to him, got him a doll to "practice" with, talked to the baby in mommy's belly and on and on! And now she's here, in the flesh... and I have to say, some how, some way, it is just working! :) I'm amazed at how much I can love these TWO people equally and immensely at the same time. I'm blown away at how Fin is adjusting to this other person in our lives {oh, don't get me wrong, we've had some real heavy rough patches, but the good is definitely outweighing the bad!}.

I thought I'd share some moments captured from week two with Navy Rose... We started our weekend with our first outing as a family of four to the mall! :) I know, crazy, right? Here's Fin and Navy rocking the sit 'n stand stroller for the first time! Besides running into some an old friend and talking way too long and having to get home as fast as possible in order to feed Navy {nursing mama's know what I'm getting at here}, it went great! First outing = success!
Then came Easter Sunday! We did NOT make it to church {guilty gulp!}, but we DID manage to make it out to grandma & grandpa's for the annual, and oh-so-magical, Leis Family Egg Hunt with all the cousins...
Here's Navy with her two other {and only} girl {Leis} cousins... We had to capture 3 princesses in one place!
And here's some random shots from Easter... Fin playing "coo coo" {you all may remember, this is "Fin" for "choo choo"} with Grandma and Fin relaxing with daddy!
In came Monday morning... our first day without Daddy at home {he worked from home all last week}! We had our first without-daddy-trip to {one of mommy's favorite places in the world} Target! Besides having to have food and drink on hand for Fin at all times, I count this trip as another success! But, we were wiped and ALL napped really well after this big adventure out! ;)

And if you know me... you have GOT to be impressed with all of these outings! I was out of commission when Fin was born for, I swear, three months. Never left the rocking chair in his room. Rarely showered. And had quite a hard time adjusting back to any sort of "normal"! Believe me, I'm giving myself great big fist pumps for how well I'm handling this adjustment in our lives! :P Like I said earlier, some how, some way, its just working!

Anyway! Here's a fun sequence of events involving Fin holding his new baby sis...
Onto another adventure... We made it to our local community center for some indoor playground action. This was the first outing with me rockin' the baby bjorn. I never really used it with Finley {like I said, I basically sat in the rocking chair his entire infancy}, so was really loving the freedom I had holding Navy in it and being able to function normally with my very active boy! {sorry about the hideous double-chin-up-the-nostral shot of me... I know, super flattering!}
And this may be super inappropriate, but here's how Finny keeps busy while Navy's being fed... Oh yeah, he has to be right up there with her, can't miss a beat!
And finally, I leave you with some fun, crazy faces of Navy! Speaking of little Miss Navy... Let's talk about her name... I have had this girl's name picked out since I was 17. To me, "Navy" is a name. To the world, Navy is a color, a bean or a military group! ;P I have no funny story or fascinating event for how her name came to me, or why I was even thinking about my future daughter at the age of 17, I just always knew I was going to have a daughter named Navy... And here she is, in all here glory...

Happy weekend y'all! :)


  1. I love this photo-galore post, Nellie! Crazy Aunt Lora has been stalking your site for pictures & updates! Sooo happy you all are {quickly} adjusting to your new family of 4 status.

  2. Those pictures look familiar