Free Printable Holiday Tags :: Pool & Red

Enjoy some cute and FREE printable Holiday gift tags! Click here to download...
Just print on white card stock, cut out and add to your gifts! Check back for more soon... 

**Update 2012**
Some people have been having issues with downloading from my file-sharing site listed above... If you have any difficulty downloading for FREE from that link, DOWNLOAD HERE...

More Holiday Photo Card Designs

I've been having fun recently coming up with new designs for holiday cards! I'm not including these in my etsy shop, but if you're interested in ordering one of the cards below, contact me and I'll set up a custom listing to order from! The price for the digital file to print on your own is $13, and these include complimentary color changes!
Like I mentioned above... feel free to change the colors to match your photo or your tastes!

How cute is it to have your holiday card colors match your family photos! The cards above and below both may not seem all that "holiday colorish", but combined with the photo and some jolly text, it works perfectly! {and for all you readers who know the family above, don't worry, that is NOT the card they chose to send out! haha!}
Check out my other holiday photo cards available in my etsy shop HERE! I'll continue to show off more designs as I make them! Remember, I'm always available for custom designs!

Fridays with Fin :: Big Bro & Snot Bubbles

Okay, so if you only looked at the pics {don't worry, I do the same thing} and didn't catch it in this post... Finny's gonna be a big bro! Woot Woot! I'm offering some "big bro"/"big sis" stickers in my shop and figured now is the perfect time for my little guy to model them! Use these as a creative and CHEAP way to tell the family about your new arrival, or put them on your little person when visiting their new sibling in the hospital... either way, they are a great way to get your little munchkin excited about whats to come!

Here's my oh-so-happy-to-share-the news "model"... {don't mind his backwards shirt, I didn't have any blank white tees!}

Most of you reading {I think I have 4 followers now, uh hum, yes, my mom being one of them!} know I do NOT like surprises. Hate them. I'm the girl who tells you what your gift is before you can even pull the ribbon off. I get all hivey and anxious. SO, it was no guess that we were going to find out the sex of this new little person. And, here's Fin to share the news...

A girl! Can't you tell Big Bro is so excited! ;) I had to bribe with cheerios and chocolate milk to have him even stand near the sign! ;) Well, WE are beyond excited! We went out and got the pink paint for the nursery right after our ultrasound!

And finally, I leave you with a pic of Fin from this week. This is probably more appropriate for a Facebook Wall Post or a tweet to just my "friends" than a Blog Post to "the world", but I've got a sick sense of humor, so roll with me. This is the face that greeted me one morning in his crib...

Yes, those are snot bubbles. Hope I didn't lose any of my readers with that pic! Happy Weekend Everyone!

"stache"ing all the way... hey!

I recently designed a custom holiday card for a very fun family! This customer came to me with pics of her fam all wearing fake paper mustaches. All the rave, these days! You can get them all over at Etsy, like these. AND she came to me with a great catch-phrase... "stache-ing all the way!". So cute! I came up with a modern design to match her requests and wanted to share with all of you! Because I don't want to spoil her fun of sending out such fun cards this year, I have swapped out the family photo and changed their names! You never know if any of her recipients read this thing, right?
You can purchase your own fun mustache-themed holiday card here!

Holiday Photo Cards!

Well, my shop has been officially Holiday-ized ... I've added new Holiday Photo Cards and Address Labels to choose from! Have fun selecting a card that suits your family perfectly. From classic reds & greens to modern pool & fuchsia to a quirky school-lined-paper design, I've got something for everyone! And, take a peek at my special offer at the bottom if you still haven't found what you're looking for!
candy cane stripe holiday photo card :: order here!

pool & pink holiday photo card :: order here!
large chevron holiday photo card {avail. in multiple colors} :: order here!
polkadot ornament holiday photo cards {avail. in multiple colors} :: order here!
small chevron holiday photo cards {avail. in multiple colors} :: order here!
small chevron holiday photo address labels {avail. in multiple colors} :: order here!
ribbon wrapped holiday photo card :: order here!

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vintage stripe holiday photo card :: order here!

Can't find a card that defines YOU and your fam perfectly? Order from my Custom Design listing and work directly with me to create the perfect card for you!
custom holiday photo card design :: order here!
I look forward to seeing all of your adorable family photos and customizing YOUR holiday photo card this year! And keep an eye out in my shop for more additions to my holiday listings.