More Holiday Photo Card Designs

I've been having fun recently coming up with new designs for holiday cards! I'm not including these in my etsy shop, but if you're interested in ordering one of the cards below, contact me and I'll set up a custom listing to order from! The price for the digital file to print on your own is $13, and these include complimentary color changes!
Like I mentioned above... feel free to change the colors to match your photo or your tastes!

How cute is it to have your holiday card colors match your family photos! The cards above and below both may not seem all that "holiday colorish", but combined with the photo and some jolly text, it works perfectly! {and for all you readers who know the family above, don't worry, that is NOT the card they chose to send out! haha!}
Check out my other holiday photo cards available in my etsy shop HERE! I'll continue to show off more designs as I make them! Remember, I'm always available for custom designs!

1 comment:

  1. These designs are SO cute! Love all the cherry colors and I think the jewel-tones you used in these are really seasonal and rich too...perfect for Christmas cards!