Fridays with Fin :: Big Bro & Snot Bubbles

Okay, so if you only looked at the pics {don't worry, I do the same thing} and didn't catch it in this post... Finny's gonna be a big bro! Woot Woot! I'm offering some "big bro"/"big sis" stickers in my shop and figured now is the perfect time for my little guy to model them! Use these as a creative and CHEAP way to tell the family about your new arrival, or put them on your little person when visiting their new sibling in the hospital... either way, they are a great way to get your little munchkin excited about whats to come!

Here's my oh-so-happy-to-share-the news "model"... {don't mind his backwards shirt, I didn't have any blank white tees!}

Most of you reading {I think I have 4 followers now, uh hum, yes, my mom being one of them!} know I do NOT like surprises. Hate them. I'm the girl who tells you what your gift is before you can even pull the ribbon off. I get all hivey and anxious. SO, it was no guess that we were going to find out the sex of this new little person. And, here's Fin to share the news...

A girl! Can't you tell Big Bro is so excited! ;) I had to bribe with cheerios and chocolate milk to have him even stand near the sign! ;) Well, WE are beyond excited! We went out and got the pink paint for the nursery right after our ultrasound!

And finally, I leave you with a pic of Fin from this week. This is probably more appropriate for a Facebook Wall Post or a tweet to just my "friends" than a Blog Post to "the world", but I've got a sick sense of humor, so roll with me. This is the face that greeted me one morning in his crib...

Yes, those are snot bubbles. Hope I didn't lose any of my readers with that pic! Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. "Hey, that's Finley! Why is he crying? Don't cry Finwee!!!!" - Liv

    Poor sick kiddo!!! And love the treats...and Fender trying to get in on the bribes too!

    Congrats again you guys! Can't wait to meet her!

  2. Congrats Nellie! So happy for you all!

  3. So happy for you guys!! Fin is going to be a great big brother - snot bubbles & all :)

  4. yup yup ... mom is here and still doesn't know how to sign her name to this. Oh are a cutie pie!

  5. A sweet little girl!!! So, SO excited for you :-)