Happy Birthday Daddy!

So... last year I started the tradition of taking of pic of daddy's two little buddies posing in front of a cute little birthday sign! Let's just say it was a LOT easier to plop a 4 month old into a bumbo than to rope a 15 month old down to have said photo op! ;P The pic to the left is from this years shoot and that's about as good as it gets! And yes, that is my 15 month old with a nukie and doggie blankie! :)
The pictures below document the progressive meltdown that followed! {Its a good thing you're cute Finny!} Finley did NOT care that it was daddy's b-day and could care even less about this years upgraded b-day sign! ;)
Whew! We LOVE you daddy! Enjoy the big 2-9 gramps! ... and now, for a pic of the real model in our house... Fender... Daddy's best friend, never fails him.


  1. Awh poor Finley! He just wasn't in the mood to model momma! :-) He's adorable no matter what though!

  2. He's super cute...even during a meltdown :-)

    BTW - loving the background on the sign!!

  3. your little family completes me! too much! :D