Friday's with Fin :: Cookie Monster Birthday!

I'll begin with a little disclaimer about the title of this post, "Friday's with Fin"... I've decided to force my obsession for my little man onto all of you and have a weekly post dedicated to all things Finley! How many people just rolled their eyes?! ;P Since this is a "design blog", I'll try not to get too cray-cray-annoying-mama and bore you with all the silly details {whoops, did I already do that with yesterday's post!} and focus more on the "creative" things we're up to! Hope you enjoy!

Finley turned one {in October} and happens to be in love with sesame street {yeah, we don't have cable!} so we decided on a cookie monster themed party! To set the tone of the event, I called on my incredibly talented friend, Tracie, of TSJ Photography, to have a "cookie monster photo shoot"! We had SO much fun letting Fin go wild on the cookies, get all sugared up and take some pretty darn cute photos! I used the photos through out the birthday party... on the invites, in large frames for decoration, on thank you notes and I created an album to have on display for guest's to peruse! It was such a fun way to celebrate this little blond bundle of mine!

The actual party was such a blur that I'm glad I took photos to remember it! We had so much family and friends crammed in our tiny home, and being the "nervous nellie" that I am, I was running around like a chicken without my head! But, all in all, when I look at all the photos below, I smile just thinking of what a special day it truly was!

A little side note to all interested in having a cookie monster party of your own... if blue frosting goes in... yeah :P

Want nellie*design to create a cookie monster themed party for your little monster? Email me and I will create a custom listing in my etsy shop to order from!


  1. love it nellie! all the blu and cookie monster eyes are adorable!

    and of course, that beautiful boy of yours too! can't wait to see all the fun things you guys are up to!