Rocket Birthday Party

3... 2... 1... Blast Off to Finley & Grayson's Birthday Party! Oh man, was this a FUN party to plan! My sweet Finley Jack is turning 5 on Sunday and his cousin turned 2 last week, so we joined their party together, for the second year in a row, to celebrate these out-of-this-world little guys! {Be warned... this post is photo overload!}

I started dreaming up this party theme when I saw these sweet jet packs on Pinterest! {I can admit when I copy am inspired!} I showed them to Finley and the rest was history! I asked my go-to DIYer and avid Diet-Coke-drinking mama to "whip up" 10 jet packs as party favors and away she went! She took her job very seriously and held fittings on Finley with different prototypes. Her final version had a walkie-talkie attached and everything! These were legit, people.

Lime green polka dots and Blue stripes/chevron were the back drop for the party designs and decorations. I thought they were the perfect colors for a boy themed party! A simple sketch of outer space on a chalkboard contrasted the busy pattern nicely.

A sugary green kool-aid and tasty blue lemonade looked matchy-matchy and fun on display at the drinks station, uh, I mean, Rocket Fueling station!

I worked with a friend to create this amazing cake and cupcakes. So yummy! The cupcakes were spruced up with printable toppers and wraps.

Rocket ships and stars cookies, in green and blue, were also on display on the sweets table... I made these with Finley, and I think I should stick to the computer designs, as I'm not as gifted in the kitchen! :)

I created a fun centerpiece at our dining room table using hanging inflatable planets, a globe and yummy space-themed-treats!

Jet packs, a rocket pinata, astronaut helmets and outer-space-character suckers all tied this rocket theme party together perfectly!

It was fun and easy to make space-themed food to go with the party. A bag of cheese puffs makes for great "asteroids", home-made puppy chow is perfect as "moon rocks" and fruit kabobs shaped like rockets were fun and healthy {why were those not gobbled up as quickly as the other treats?}!

I called the dining room "mission control"...

Simple items at the party were tied into the party by adding a matching printable tag, label or sign...

My friend creates these fantastic material banners, so I had to have one for each window in our main party room! You can order you own, in any color combo, to match your party too!

I found these fun planet party blowers at a local party store and the kids went right to town on choosing their planet and making some noise!

How cute is that sweet almost-5-year-old of mine! I found his astronaut suit online. He wore it for a solid 3 days before the party and was truly upset when I told him he couldn't wear it to school. I wasn't going to go "all out" for this party, but it is because of this boys precious innocence and wonder that makes it still fun for me to spoil him in this way! He told me he wants to be a party planner when he grows up.

Milky way candy bars were, by far, the simplest theme-matching treat, dressed up in a large mason jar and printable tag ...

This was our first year having a pinata at our party. I think it might have to be a new tradition. What a blast to watch these kids try to bust this thing open! It took one of the "big cousins' {uh hum, in his 20's} to finally smash it open!

I used large 8x10 signs in matching colors, with fun expressions on them, to decorate throughout...

My sis-in-law, who teaches kindergarten, borrowed us {lended us? I know all my grammar readers gasp at my horrible writing skills} this rocket ship tent, from her classroom, for the party! Perfection.

We had such a BLAST celebrating Finley & Grayson's birthdays. All of the little cousins sure got their sugar fix at this party!

When hosting a family party, you never know what cooks might show up! ...

It was such a gorgeous fall day, we couldn't pass up a photo-op moment on the green green grass with a pumpkin prop! And, whew, if you made it this far in the post, good for you! I'm sorry for photo overload, but this was too fun of a party and too special of a day, not to gush about!
Create your own out-of-this-world Rocket Party, using my printable invitations and decorations, from my etsy shop ...


  1. This whole party is amazing, but I love the jetpacks the best! Great job Momma!!!!

    And...the smiles on Fin's face are priceless! Well worth the work for that grin!

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