Fridays at the Farm

Hey all! I just wanted to share a little about a new endeavor I'm taking part in this year, that I'm very excited about! I've joined forces with an amazingly ambitious friend of mine to start a Friday morning craft group at her new, and adorable, farm house! We're so creatively calling it, "Fridays at the Farm"!
Follow my friend Susan's blog, here, to learn more about each craft project, how to sign up, and a little about her awesome family of NINE! Our first Friday is FILLLED UP, but I'm too excited not to show off what we'll be up to. We'll be painting pallet signs. Oh so trendy right now, amiright?!
These signs will spruce up any room with a sweet and simple phrase. Susan and my original hope was to copy be inspired by a few of the amazing signs we found on Pinterest {like the ones shown above} but after a long night of trial and error we decided to modify our project for our 2-hour Friday morning session by bringing the size of the sign down and only offering a selection of signs that are 1-3 word phrases! Here are the phrases we came up with...

Check out our schedule for the first semester of classes and click here to sign up! My Gift Wrap class is looking pretty slim, so SIGN up! :) I've been really wanting to be a part of a group like this for a while {ever since becoming a mom} and am so happy to have met a fellow mama who shared the same vision! Susan is a MACHINE and ever since meeting her, she's inspired me to up my game, in all areas of my life, really! I am SO looking forward to this venture with her and hope to inspire other mamas alike!!

Today is Fin's first day of 4K {woot woot!! tear sniff sniff!! I'm experiencing split personality disorder} so I'm hoping to get back to blogging a bit more! Stay tuned!


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  1. sweet post Nellie. Can't wait to meet Susan one day! and can't wait for a post with the results