Rustic Chíc Heart Anniversary Party

We recently celebrated my mother & father-in-law's 40th Anniversary! It was a surprise party and turned out to be a beautiful celebration! My husband's parents are amazing people, with an amazing story; very deserving to be the guest's of honor. A few of my sis-in-law's joined forces to create an eclectic, intimate and special event. Decorations were personalized with their own charming, rustic touches while maintaining a sweet, classic feel. Burlap, kraft paper, wooden signs, mason jars and twine are what made our hearts skip a beat when planning this event...
My sis-in-law, Lora, over at Leisure Living Furniture, created all the wooden signs from old pallet wood and paint. A true case of "one mans trash is another man's treasure"! Small wooden signs, next to daisy-filled-jars made for sweet, rustic centerpieces on each table. And, conversations were started around the mason jars filled with a candle and adorn with a vintage photo {of the honored guests and their family}! You've gotta love the 80's. A burlap banner and twine-wrapped-block-letter kept with the eclectic feel of the night!
A selection of uniquely designed hearts on kraft paper place cards, helped the wait staff know each guest's entree selection...
With Rustic Chíc as our theme, we were able to create a warm and comfortable, but also stylish and classy, celebration. Personal touches, like old photos, and charming accents like painted hearts, made for a sweet, charming night to remember!

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