New Year :: New Domain :: New Lessons Learned

So, I recently learned some life lessons. Aren't those the worst. I "lost" my old web domain {for reasons somewhat out of my control}. Ol' "" is a goner. Thankfully, because we're only talking about a blog here, this is a life lesson that only bruises the ego! I'm truly blessed that today's lesson isn't something really serious. In fact, from this lesson, I've mostly learned that this isn't THAT big of deal! There is SO much worse in the world. Of course, at first, when my web address was bought out, I had a pity party.... I thought about all the links out there going to my old site... all that hard work, gone. Of course, people can still find my past posts, but, in today's world, with the easy-access-link-sites like pinterest... that's a lot of lost links! :( But, it's okay.

So! I hope you will all stick with me here, at my new domain! It's a long one, so you'd better write it down or update your online readers! Nope, there's no www{dot}. ;P

Keep your eye out... I'll be posting about an adorable gender neutral baby shower very soon!

P.S... Happy New Year! Here's a peek at our Christmas Card from this year. Our beautiful family photos are by my very talented friend, Katie, over at Ivy in the Bay!

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  1. Very sorry friend!!!!!

    Still in love with your card though. :-)