Free Printable! Spooky S'more Treat

I'm sending Fin off to school this morning with a fun classroom treat for his classroom's Halloween Party! Check out this bag of spooky s'mores...
Just mix golden graham cereal, marshmallows & chocolate chips, for an easy-to-snack-on- s'more-like treat! Add a ghost marshmallow peep for some added flair! I hope all of Fin's 2 year old peers enjoy their spooky 'smore treat as much as he already has... he gobbled a bag down already last night! :)

Make a last minute Halloween treat yourself {or pin this for next year!}, using this FREE printable favor bag tent card design. CLICK HERE to download! {6.5"wx2"h when folded.. perfect for a sandwich size bag!}


Fridays with Fin :: Vintage Train Birthday Party

Like most 3 year old boys, Fin is obsessed with trains! I knew I was going to have a train themed party during Fin's 2nd birthday party when the obsession became most obvious {while opening his gifts and saying "coo coo" over and over!}. The boy loves his "coo coos" {still doesn't have that cha sound down!} So, what's a mama to do! Yeah yeah, he loves his Thomas, like the rest of 'em, but he really loves any locomotive that makes a chugga chugga sound! So, I came up with a vintage train themed party. Starting with the invites...
Each guest received a Ticket to ride the Finley Express! With spaces to punch the month and day, each guest found when the Train was boarding, err, the party was starting! An interactive Ticket made guest's excited for a fun and nostalgic Train party experience! Check out the printable Vintage Train Party Ticket Invite, with matching envelope wrap, in my etsy shop!

Let the party begin! Take a look at the fun entrance that awaited guests! A set of train tracks leading up to the front door, with kid-size Railroad Crossing signs was a sure hit! A Printable Banner on the door helped tie in all the matching decorations that awaited guests inside.

Here's my little birthday boy seeing the tracks for the first time! Pure joy! And, check out his custom designed t-shirt, that I had printed... I designed the front and back to match all the other party designs. How cute is Fin with his Railroad Engineer's Handkerchief! Each little guest got their very own in their favor bag!

Red balloons, red & white polkadot paper, red bandanas and train tracks dressed up our house nicely for this train themed party...

Each lil' Finley-Express-Passenger received a mini kraft bag filled with Railroad Essentials... a red bandana, wooden train whistle and a custom-wrapped box of crayons. Each bag was labeled with a personalized name tag, and sat nicely in front of a personalized printable banner!

Delicious, individually packaged and custom-labeled train cookies were the perfect party favor for guests both young and old! Fin's grandma {my mama} was the master behind these fabulous, and perfectly matching, "coo coo" cookies!

Every detail, down to the water and juice boxes, tied into the look of the party! With custom-designed paper wraps, I was able to spice up something simple, like a bottle of water, and make it just a little more! And yes, the water did need to be labeled with a food label tent card! One might not know its water! ;) {I think every guest made a joke about that!}

We had a delicious cake with a frosting-painted locomotive on top! A mini-pennant banner topped it off...

Aren't these printable mini-flags fun, wrapped around nostalgic red & white striped straws! Just another easy, DIY detail!

Here's a final look at the "Hydration Station"! Printable party tags, signs, wraps & labels tie in all the details.

Food label tent cards are a great way of bringing the theme of the party throughout, down to the food! I had so much fun coming up with fun, train-themed lingo for each label... Pumping Pistons Popcorn, Fizzling Fireboxes Fruit, Bubbling Boilers Boilers Birthday cake, to name a few!

Here's my cutie and his side kick {and cousin}, Landon! They had SO much fun playing with the train set that dressed up the party table!

This birthday boy had such a special weekend filled with TWO parties! Here he is blowing out the candles on two separate cakes!

And here is our happy Choo Choo Partied-out family! Navy soaked up every minute of her big brother's BIG day!

Here's the party in action!

And I think its tradition, now, to end a Fridays with Fin with a snap of Fin's cutie sister, Navy! She was all dolled up and was, by far, the cutest passenger aboard the Finley Express!

Create your own Vintage Train Themed Birthday Party! Start with these printable Train Ticket Invitations...

Decorate for the party with these matching Vintage Train Party Printables...

Vintage Super Mario Bros. Birthday Party

I'm a kid from the 80's, so working on this Vintage Super Mario Bros. Party, with one of my favorite repeat customer's and event planner, Christine, of Something Chic Party and Event Design, was, well, totally rad! Check out some of the amazing details from the party, photographed by Thomas Nguyen Photography...

The little gamer guest's were welcomed with this fantastic sweets & treats table, adorn with original Nintendo game box, videos & "joy sticks" {is that what we called them?}. Everything was labeled with nellie*design's printable party tags, wraps and labels!
These red cupcakes, with printable cupcake toppers, look perfect on top of an original, old-school, Nintendo game set!
Cookies, favor bags and even take-home ice cream pints, made for a fun, sugar-filled day for this 4 year old's big day!
All the details tied in wonderfully with everything labeled, down to the water bottles! Power UP!
Mmmmm... pizza and chicken nuggets... a 4 year old boy's dream menu! Check out how great the food looks in their own personal packages. I especially love those nintendo-game-pockets for the individual pizza slices!
Cake & cookies were decorated in vibrant colors with vintage mario bros designs to match perfectly with the party!
And finally, check out this birthday boy. How cute can you get. Love that he's wearing a Mario Bros. shirt to match the party! every.detail.met.
You can create your own Vintage Super Mario Bros. Party for your little one, using nellie*design's printable invitation and party decor packages!


Customer Approved! Camp Run-A-Muk!

Check out the amazing Camping Party that a customer of mine made for her son, Andrew! Using all nellie*design Camping Party Printable Decorations and Invitations, this mama created one classic camping party experience! Take a look at Amber's blog for more great details from the party!

An adorable chalkboard sign welcomed guests, while burlap, bandana print, hay bails, wood platters and home made tents dressed up this outdoor party nicely. 
The printable invitation set the tone for the party with its burlap background, red tent and brown wooden letters. I just LOVE those custom made tents and burlap pennant banner too!
Each camper had a great selection of snacks and treats to keep happy! From custom labeled s'mores kits and trail mix bags to personalized water bottle wraps, every detail was met! How great is that s'more cake pop, shown with the little cutie pie below...
Yum Yum! Check out this ice cream bar with plenty of toppings to choose from, all with their own custom label. The red paper bowls tied with a chevron-printed wooden spoon are such a fun detail too!
What 6 year old boy wouldn't want to go on a scavenger hunt, looking for rocks, leaves, twigs and more! Amber had me create a custom, printable, scavenger hunt card with clip art for the non-readers in the bunch! I'm sure after the hunt, the boys loved quenching their thirst with their own, custom labeled, water canteen!
Amber was such a great customer to work with! I enjoy personalizing my original Camping Decor Package, but also love making extra designs, like the scavenger hunt card shown above! I look forward to personalizing YOUR camping party!

All photos sourced here.

Fridays with Fin :: Fall Fun!

We have been up to lots of fall-y things lately, so I'm going to do a big ol' fin-foto-fest! Here we are at a fun family farm...
 On a hayride... with his ladies :)
Feeding the animals...
We recently visited my parent's... and yes, this is how we roll at Gma & Gpa V's... dunking for apples!
Pumpkin carving & decorating fun with the big cousins!
During our visit to Grandma & Grandpa's, we hit up the new Children's Museum! I knew I was in "geebs" when the first exhibit was a mini-tailgating experience! Fin loved it.
He loved everything about the Children's Museum, but especially the big boat!
He took his job as a Fireman very seriously...
After spending pretty much most of his time at that boat, we quickly ran through the rest of the exhibits and got a quick dose of everything! We can't wait to go back!
Another fun fall activity was meeting Fin's new cousin, Grayson! Congrats to Aunt Lora, Uncle John, and cousin's Landon and Porter on your new arrival!
Fin has been LOVING school! Yay! You never know how a 2 year old mama's boy is going to handle such a big new experience, and I'm proud to say, he's doing great! Here's a snapshot of a Finley original painting...
And we can't forget about Fin's fresh-faced-fabulous little sister... Miss Navy. Chillest girl in town.
Happy Fall everyone!