Fridays with Fin :: Fall Fun!

We have been up to lots of fall-y things lately, so I'm going to do a big ol' fin-foto-fest! Here we are at a fun family farm...
 On a hayride... with his ladies :)
Feeding the animals...
We recently visited my parent's... and yes, this is how we roll at Gma & Gpa V's... dunking for apples!
Pumpkin carving & decorating fun with the big cousins!
During our visit to Grandma & Grandpa's, we hit up the new Children's Museum! I knew I was in "geebs" when the first exhibit was a mini-tailgating experience! Fin loved it.
He loved everything about the Children's Museum, but especially the big boat!
He took his job as a Fireman very seriously...
After spending pretty much most of his time at that boat, we quickly ran through the rest of the exhibits and got a quick dose of everything! We can't wait to go back!
Another fun fall activity was meeting Fin's new cousin, Grayson! Congrats to Aunt Lora, Uncle John, and cousin's Landon and Porter on your new arrival!
Fin has been LOVING school! Yay! You never know how a 2 year old mama's boy is going to handle such a big new experience, and I'm proud to say, he's doing great! Here's a snapshot of a Finley original painting...
And we can't forget about Fin's fresh-faced-fabulous little sister... Miss Navy. Chillest girl in town.
Happy Fall everyone!

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  1. So fun!!! Love all the pics at the farm and museum (and grandma & grandpa's) guys know how to find the fun! Love Navy's smiles too!!