Fridays with Fin :: Growing up

Okay guys. Today might be a way scatterbrain post. My mind is everywhere, and I have a feeling it is because this was Fin's FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL. Okay, so it was just 2-year-old pre-school, two days a week for two hours each, but still, it brought out some emotions!

Take a look at my little hunk...

You may notice I've got a "watermark" over my cutie pie. I've recently gotten all icky feeling about the internet these days. :( And here comes the real scatterbrain part of this post. {and maybe the part where most of you fair-weather-just-want-to-see-cute-pics-of-Fin followers want to skim over... I'm gonna get a little deep and coocoobear now} Let's just say I'm feeling very mama-bear and protective and feel like, if there are ways of protecting my children, then I've got to use those ways. And for me, right now, I feel like protecting the images that go out into the great big world wide web is a way of protecting them. And just stating that makes my mind go in a million directions, like... How can I guard every image that goes out there, what about all the pics that are already on the web that aren't watermarked, who really cares about an image of my kids, and on and on! But with some of the stories I've been hearing lately {crazy people using pics of other people's newborns to fake their own births to get money from a "baby-daddy, or shirt's being sold with a photo of your cutie pie on them without your permission, etc!}. Its just not cool with me, so I'm officially going to start trying to be more protective and more cautious. Thatisall.

On with the fun and light stuff!

Fin had a great first week of school! Hallelujah, praise you Jesus, Glory be to the High Heavens! My close family and friends know exactly why I'm doing this happy dance... we weren't so sure how the first week of school would go! And honestly, the departure on both days was slightly rough...

The boy did not want to let go of my hand, but after that initial tear-it-off-like-a-bandaid departure, he seemed to adjust well! {Man, I'd really love to be a fly on the wall of that room though!}. We enjoyed our walk to and from school...

And I can't believe how much I enjoyed my time home "alone" those two days! Navy's nap lines up exactly during his school time! Wahoooo! Hence, why I'm finally writing a blog post in over 3 weeks! Free time is an amazing thing!

So! My boy is growing up and I'm continuing to grow in how I want to handle protecting these babes of mine! Speaking of growing and my babies... take a look at how big Navy's getting! Rockin' out in the entertainment-thingy!

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  1. Fin is just so adorable! I hope the transition is getting easier for him and you!

    And Miss Navy is so darn cute! Looks like she's getting quite a little smiley!!