Fridays with Fin :: Navy's Nursery

As my little girl is just about to turn 3 months, I realized I never showed off Navy's nursery! And seeing as I basically had it looking how it does in the photos below since about two days after I found out she was a girl, I have no idea why it took me so long to snap pics!

Let's start with the {obvious} theme of the room... you guessed it, nautical! ;P The girl's name is Navy, I couldn't have monkeys bouncing all around her! Here is a view of her crib and three darling nautical prints I designed as the focal point of the room {and now offer in my Etsy Shop for instant download!}.
You better believe those walls are straight-up-bubble-gum-pink! I had a lot of Finley's hand-me-down nursery items, like his blue sailboat mobile, so I thought I really had to "girly" up the walls to offset a lot of the navy going in!
My mom found these perfect, navy-striped, wooden boats at Goodwill {I think for $2.99 each!} and picked up 3 of them! I have a very nautical-loving family, so had to spread the wealth, but kept one for little miss Navy's nursery. I love how it feels like Noah's ark with all of her stuffed animals displayed inside! The adorable I am a Child of God print was a gift from a wonderful friend!
I love all the little details throughout the nursery. Two of my favorites are this hand-made bright pink crown and custom embroidery hoop wall art! The friend who made the nautical embroidered hoop had originally gifted it to me, long before I even had babies! But, I think it's perfect in miss N's nursery!
The wooden dresser and mirror has been mine since I was a little girl! It feels so special to see it in my little girl's room now. It is such a gorgeous piece and I contemplate all the time having my sis-in-law get her hands on it, but then I see the curling iron burns from my old high school days and I just cant let go of that history! But, man, wouldn't it be cute in navy blue!
Navy's room has this adorable built in bookshelf in the corner of her room. This "character" piece is what drew me to my house to begin with! :) {But I guess, that's another post!} It is filled with books and other fun decor, and a set of letters that I plan on painting at some point!
The room isn't all pink & navy blue...
 Here's one last view! :)
So there you have it! My little Navybean's nursery. What's Navy up to these days? Blowing bubbles... that's what...
 I had to take a video of this {what a mommy would consider} milestone in her wee little life...

Okay, so I can't have a "Fridays with Fin" without mentioning the little guy, can I? You may remember last week I was terrified of jinxing my potty trained boy, and to be honest there was some slight jinx-age! But, we're ending today on a good note, so I'm not going to dwell! Here's a few pics of my tactics to get that boy to just let it out!!
 Happy Friday!


  1. Yayyyy, love the nursery pictures! A beautiful room for such a darling little girl. LOVE IT! There's something about pink & navy that just makes you smile.
    And, you're a smart mumma bribing with popsicles - we've been bribing with Thomas trains and that bill is really starting to add up! :) Such a big boy, Finny!

  2. I remember that dresser! Navy's nursery is so cute.... you're motivating me to make Penny's nursery more girly. I need to meet Miss Navy ASAP!

  3. I love her nursery and all the special touches! Those prints...and that awesome striped boat! Gorgeous!!

    Love the video of Navy (so sweet) and little Finny and his popsicle too. I love your kiddos!

    And...I would LOVE to see Lora make that BEAUTIFUL dresser navy. That would be so pretty!!!!! It has such gorgeous lines and shapes (especially in the mirror edging) that a coat of paint would really make them pop!

  4. So cute! Where did you get the nautical prints?

    1. Hi Jessica! I made the nautical prints myself, and offer them in my Etsy Shop, available here:

      Enjoy! -Nellie